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[Feature Request] Camouflage on sniper rifles
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Can you add any camouflage on sniper rifles please ? I mean same think like M24 in Arma II. {F20561}


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could even be some sort of accessory for the gun, that you could equip when needed. instead of light/laser for example.

Agree with twistking and voted up

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Already reported, but I can't find the issue.

EDIT: I still can't find the issue :(, but it had something about camo nets for vehicles and weapons.

It should take a new slot, and not the place of a light, or scope, or barrel.

Yeah, new slot - more types of camouflage

I do have a post about Clothing, Weapon and Vehicle dying and camoing and one of the ideas I posted was adding grass to helmets which was in a screenshot of A3 so I do agree.

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Covered by #8042.