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Sun reflection on optics is not possible so please remove it (vid inside)
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Please remove the sun reflection on optics
it is not possible to have it in real life because the head of the character is between the optic and the sun so...

really boring to have it in missions when the sun is low


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Duplicate of #9919

YOu and all of you that want these things removed are the reason this game is gona suck.

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So, you think the game is better with lights going through your head? Okay.

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LOL, you said it AD2001.

Raul, they can leave the glare if it's in a realistic angle,
but read my ticket 0009919, look at the screenshot and you will
see that it is NOT realistic the way it is now.

This issue is a duplicate issue 0009919.Moderator, please close this ticket.

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How old are you Raoul1234 ?
you can try it wish a binocular if you have it in your house.
the sun can't go through your head to illuminate the optic.
the world is made like that, I'm sorry.

Thanks ceeeb , I don't found it.

Realism... Do not remove!

Umm... Sun DOES reflect in optics. I was just outside playing airsoft with a red dot sight and the sun was really bothering me. This issue is invalid.

At my rifle optics (real) too!

not realistic, check if you have an optics and a rifle, your head is not RIGHT in the spot behind the optics, but tilted to the side, not blocking the sun

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Closing as duplicate.