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Suggestion about the inventory
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The suggestion is about drag/drop items off the inventory and between backpacks/vests. We should be able to drop all items (same type) with a alt+right click. For example, 10x 6.5mm 30rnd, in once with a alt+right click.


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it's very annoying to click 15 times to remove just your magazines for example.
Should be easily fixed also.

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I would rather right click 10 times than lose the right click then be forced into always having to drag and drop which is good as it is for moving stuff between containers.

A better idea would be e.g. “Alt + right click” #1 removes all the same items BUT ONLY from the selected single container NOT all containers, as most of the time there is more need to just drop same items in bulk from a single container as large items cannot span multiple containers.

#1 Alt because you cannot temp free-look with the inventory open, while with Ctrl (step over in my case) is active when the inventory is open as is shift (walk/walk toggle/etc in my case)

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I didn't go into specifics, I agree it shouldn't be the right click.
But the idea itself of the ability to do so, is what I vote up

@b101uk, your idea is solid with the ALT key as a modifier,
however I can see the issue arise from it since different people have different key bindings,
so it could be solved by having this modifier key bindable in the options, problem solved!

@nib_77, I suggest that you edit the ticket since I do agree
with b101uk, that using the right click is problematic.

Alt+right click can work, edited.

Moving 10 mags from one place to another takes time, i presume the current way is a safeguard against people instantly rearming in the mid of battle, gaining advantage where they should be at a disadvantage, like low ammo. Aka - realism.


You assuming that soldiers in real life can take just one mag in hands each time then do this 10 times to catch mags?

Some levels of realism will be impossible to achieve in games...I don't like to click 10 times to do this thing, and many other players too.

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KardasLT: Oh come on, don't tell me that when you want to put some magazines into your backpack you do it one by one. This has nothing to do with realism, its just a missing feature. And even if it WAS realistic, it's really annoying.

It is annoying and i thought about shift+clicking to move all aswell. However unlike you i put some thought into it and realised that this could be abused.

The only suggestion i could make is to make it feel less clunky. That would be to remove the slight lag between the click and the item actually moving. That is the annoying part, and not having to click 10 times.

bez added a comment.Jun 29 2013, 11:28 PM

@KardasLT your point would be valid IF the rearm option would not be there.
Now the rearm feature magically fills my ammunition in one second,
So your point is not valid IMO.

Also, like other people said, it's got nothing to do with realism.

Yeah thats a good point actually. My mistake then.

In KardasLT defence, the “rearm feature” just ends up giving you SOME items that you don’t want/need that take up space so you then end up going into the inventory to drop them anyway to get more of what you do need (in my experience) especially if you play in coop MP games as a longer range unit (sniper, marksman, etc) so don’t need some of the things shorter range/assaulting units need in bulk (smoke and frag grenades, etc)

But whatever you do there will be a trade-off somewhere, so maybe “alt + RMB” just empties every item out of that single container, the equivalent of just undoing the top of your bag and just turning it upside-down with everything falling out, as if there was only a couple of items you wanted to keep, it would be quicker to empty the lot out then just put what you need in.

bez added a comment.Jun 30 2013, 5:03 AM

The rearm function rearm you with your last saved loadout.
So if you make a custom loadout save it and then rearm it will not add
any extra equipment, at least in MP and in my experience.

It could be different in SP since you don't have the ability to save loadouts (vanila SP that is)
in SP as far as I know (though I hardly play SP) it just rearm you with your unit standard loadout.

Regarding emptying the whole inventory in one click, it would be nice to have a
button in the UI "remove all", but it should not replace the "ALT+right click" idea
of this thread.


your referring to the virtual ammo box in MP which is a drop-in mod for mission makers (think it can works in SP to), as opposed to the vanilla A3 rearming at ammo box in SP and MP, which as you say just gives you a default load out unless you go via the inventory and manually select items.

bez added a comment.Jun 30 2013, 7:19 AM

OK true, doesn't change the fact that you fill your entire
inventory in one second... that's the point really.

If it's what you want or need, is a different issue altogether.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:09 PM

+1, can be useful

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.