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For the release please put Nimutz Class Aircraft Carriers that can be driven and sunken.
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In ArmA 2 there was an add on for a USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier and it was able to launch Jets and had very cool features on the ship but not all of it was to proportion and didn't act like the actual carrier. It would be neat if in the release of the game they added these Carriers. If it's not possible then that's OK. {F20528}


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Very unecessary. Yes, it would be nice but the Dev's have a ton of other and more important things to focus on. Also, there will be no Nimitz class in 2035 but most likely its follow-up series (forgot the name). Modders will make an aircraft carrier for sure.

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I'd like to see it in game, maybe not as a vehicle, but as a base middle of the sea.

Just having a model for it would create a good amount of different custom missions.

Arma 2 had an amphibious assault ship outside the small island if i remember correctly, itd be kinda cool if Arma 3 had something similiar.

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in ArmA 2 it was an USN addon

in ArmA 3 you are supposed to be a rare US army working with the OTAN.

So, no.

It was in the default campaign for A2, training mission happened there

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it was an LHD class, and it was because they were the USMC, not the US army

It would be cool, but way too much work.

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it would be unrealistic

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unrealistic a carrier in a war on a island.... LOL
that should be a right priority just for "publicity" porpouse

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No, unrealistic a US navy carrier in a place where there is only the US army.

Do you think when the army get deployed they got C-130, F-16, A-10 and carriers with them? every vehicle is restricted to a certain branch of the military force. we have NEVER seen the navy in arma (maybe we will see it with the underwater dimension) and there has been only 1 game with the USMC

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*NATO army. Blufor is NATO, not the US Army.

I don't think it would be unrealistic if there were carriers in the Mediterranean sea...

In the plot Greece is under Opfor control, so I'd expect carriers to be at least 1000km away (outside anti-ship missile range), thus not anywhere on the map of Altis.

Some sort of carrier in the object list would be nice, since it would allow custom scenarios with different storylines to use it as a base, but a Nimitz class is not the right ship for this because:

  1. it is not meant to be so close near a disputed zone, Altis map too small for carrier operations.
  2. it requires a complete Carrier Battle Group around it because of poor defensive armament.

So I'd rather expect something comparable to a LHD. In fact, I think the French Mistral class would be a great addition:
it's modern (so would serve in 2035 as well), it's a NATO country, is meant to be near battle zone,...

By the way guys just like p00d73 said, Blufor/Nato does not mean US Army.

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US army, i will call them NATO army when they add something else than the US army, we also called the soldiers in Op flashpoint the US army even though they were NATO army

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