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Suggestion: Allow selection of (radio) channels by command
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At the moment we have mainly side, groupe, direct, command channels in regular games available which can by cycled through by pressing . or by binding to specific keys. There are also 10 additional channels available that can be added to the list of channels. There is also a basic script already available

What doesent seem to be possible so yet is to select a specific channel by command, however it is possible to do so by pressing a bound key. It would be great if these routines would be accessible on editor/script level. For example it would allow us to make GUIs that allow switching to specific channels without the need of binding additional keys or cyceling through channels and also make the extra 10 VON channels more useable.

The function could be something like

player setRadioChannel Channel with Channel beeing a number or a string
player setRadioChannel 1 goes to coustom channel 1
player setRadioChannel "global"
goes to global channel
player setRadioChannel "side" // goes to side channel

could return true when selection was sucsessful or false when channel isnt active/ or has not been created.

Additional Ideas (9.7.2013)

Checking the status of any channel could also be useful. For finding out what channel is currently selected for communication there could be somthing like
player getRadioChannel (returns ID or String)

for finding out if channel is active
player RadioChannelOn ID (or string) return 0 not selected 1 if selected 2 if Channel has not been created or has ben deactived by Mission parameter


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Im working on a GUI
with the hope that BI will fix the problems with VON and give us additional functionality for scrippting in the near future. Therefore every vote is very much welcomed.

Other known bugs with VON
Vehicle BUG
Removal BUG (could be worked arround by the suggested changing channel command)

Other good posts on VON
Disabeling VON channels with description

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ability to bind a specific key would be very handy.. as well as the ability to mute players on the fly.

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Integrate ACRE...

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ACRE is nice and such but 1) you need a TS for that and 2) if there would be some more functionallity in ARMA to what you can do with transmission in the first place (like eventhandlers that check for transmission, working removal of channels,changing channels on command ect.) you probably can do the same as with ACRE but actually even better !without the need of a Teamspeak server!. And at the very last .. not everyone wants to play ACRE hardcore like. The basics are already there the VON system just needs some polishing (vehicle bug)...the rest will come through the community with certainty, and this will have more flexibility than some specific system. And polishing is most likely easier than integrating ACRE in the first place.

great idea! i'm thinking i would love to force units traveling in a vehicle to default to the vehicle channel when they get in, often saving on confusion :)

plenty of other uses for this tho, including a workaround for the bug where radioChannelRemove fails if custom channel is stlll selected/active

this is just a scripted version of ACRE with less functions. Already a big post has been made about intergrading ACRE but yhea what are the ods. Im gona upvote in the hope some radio system will be implemented.

Raoul - you are misunderstanding what this request is. Its not acre, or a radio system. Its expanding on existing scripting language controls; It is a function within itself. It has -many- uses, acre could possibly use it too.

I think the ticket's wording, using 'activate' to describe changing to the selected channel is misleading. Activate, in-use implies triggering the microphone

Thank you cancerouspete I changed the in the titel from activation to selection of.. I hope that makes it clearer ;)

Ahh. well osrry for that but yes it then seems a good idea. But i hope bis thinks about ACRE so we dont get colliding tings.

ACRE FTW!!! I really want ACRE. ACRE is awesome.

There are many posts in the acre ticket already to that but my personal view is that ACRE a mod (not made by BI) using TS (an 3rd party product) will never be part of ARMA3. NEVER!!!
Unless´of course BI licences TS and build it into ARMA than it might be possible that the ACRE makers can build it into ARMA easier... So even if BIs buys a TS licence there wont be any native integration of ACRE whatsoever.
But why should BI buy the right to integrate TS if they are already using a working (but a bit buggy) Voice over IP (VON)??? It would just cost more and bring no real gain. It is far more feasable to expand what already can be done with their VOP system .. If the functionallity is there I guess there wont be any reason to use TS for the Radio simulation ACRE anymore as long as you can achieve the same with the build in functionallity of ARMA in the first place.
That means instead of always scream ACRE ACRE ACRE.. guys you should actually ask for better working VON integration and modebillity. (MORE VON MORE VON MORE VON...) SO that people like the makers of ACRE can build ACRE with ARMA tools only. This would also make the usability of ANY!!!! COM system for example like the one im trying to build... easier to use and better.

For example if there where functions to mute players or changing the recieving volume of what one is saying for a specific player(s) and such you could probably easily do stuff like ranged radio transmitters .. and so on. Im pretty sure we will see that at some point comming hopefully with Arma 3. I would already be happy if some new functions were available and the VON system works "flawless". But then again .. if no one asked for it why would BI put any effort into it ..therfore VOTE here and VOTE any other trackers that concern this toppic!

By the way if you find any other good feedback please post it here .. i would like to expand the link list under additional information.

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This would be a very important improvement long asked for.
I really hope this will get Bohemia Interactive's attention, as I'm sure they'll add that kind of a big thing when they acknowledge it.

I know many people that would appreciate it (most didn't and don't know about the feedback tracker, which is why there are relatively less votes).