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Sights produce a lot more sway than most likely should
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When lying down in a set up position or hell, even from a standing position a trained soldier should be able to hold his weapon a lot more steady than at current, if you think about it the weapon is swaying by atleast 1/2 inches, and yes while you can hold your breath you dont have the luxury of doing it for long, seems as if the subject may need reviewing.


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ADS with any optic in standing, crouched or prone.

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In addition to the sway, recently I have also seen a nasty "bounce". Here's a youtube video I uploaded demonstrating the bounce:

I'm not sure if I should report this "bounce" as a separate ticket or not.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I'm on the development build, and I update ARMA3 every day. Currently the date is August 1, 2013. I recorded this video/bug yesterday, & uploaded it to youtube today.

So far, I have 2 theories:

  1. The weapon "sway" and/or "bounce" might become exaggerated when there is a lot of lag on a server.
  1. The weapon "sway" or "bounce" might become exaggerated if the server has other add-ons which affect aiming, such as the Line of Sight add-ons.

Our game host server is going to test this 2nd theory, perhaps tomorrow, by disabling the Line-of-sight add-on that he is currently using.

Exhausting yourself by sprinting or running also increases sway for a while.

Yes, I agree that exhausting yourself with sprinting makes it worse. But in my video showing the "bounce", I was laying down for 10 minutes before I started the FRAPS video recorder.

My buddy tested theory two, and it didn't fix the problem. So he's still trying to figure out if the "bounce" is caused by add-ons, or if it's a BIS problem.

At times, the gun sway seems so strong that I feel like a drunk fool is holding the gun.

The scope sway much to extreme.

Example: During co op mission, I'm crouched and leaning around a wall. A guy runs up over the hill. I'm fighting huge sway as I just ran to that spot, takes me a few seconds to even get CLOSE to his body. Fire a shot and miss (cause he was already aiming at me) weapon faces over his head now and I have to fight the sway AGAIN to get back on target, meanwhile I take a bullet to the face (because we know AI doesn't deal with this crap) andddddddd back to base for me.

I agree that it should move more when you're tired but after sprinting 100 yards your sights shouldn't be moving like you have cerebral palsy. Keep the sway minimal unless you have been running over 1500 meters in a dead run/sprint. Then it should move around a bit more but not enough to have problems keeping your sights on a person 50 yards away from you. This should also drop to almost zero regardless of stamina when prone.

I know everyone wants to make the game hard and all but come on.. I can play a whole game of soccer and at the end hold a ball in one hand without shaking. Soldiers are trained to handle their weapons and considering all of their training comes along with stamina.. This seems like more of a frustrating addition than a realistic one.

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Agreed again.

Lying should have less of that traveling sway, and bipod weapons should not travel at all. Vibrations yes, traveling aim no.

Moving slow (jog) with CQB aim up is getting more sway every update it seems. In the ALPHA you felt like a trained soldier as the aim felt spot on while moving through a village aim up. Now it almost have that ARMA2 hard sway pattern and the jog seems faster. This removes the fun and trained soldier feeling of the ALPHA while CQBing.

Binoculars as well. I don't have that crazy sway when I use mine. Revealing enemies and lasing is very hard.

As it is now you basically have to lie down every time you want to do anything.

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Duplicate of #5209.