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Can't move while reloading heavy weapons, can't cancel reload either
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Why can't you move while reloading heavy weapons? Or at least cancel the reload (maybe using right click).

Annoying because you reflexively hit R and then you can't retreat to cover so you end up dying.

Slightly modified proposal:

Allow moving while reloading a heavy weapon, but movement will cancel the reload.


Allow the reload to be cancelled.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Come under fire
  2. Reload heavy weapon while exposed/partially exposed
  3. Die.
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Updated based on feedback

EDIT: This reload immobility also happens when reloading small arms when you're prone. Associated ticket here:

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z-boson added a subscriber: z-boson.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM

upvoted. totally annoying and redundant behaviour, why would anyone program a game like that, what does that have to do with realism? this made me so angry just yesterday, that i just alt+f4 the game, after i fired a rocket at a vehicle, wanted to take cover while reloading, couldn't and died.

who would vote that down for heavens sake? whats wrong with people?

I presume you're talking about the Combined Arms showcase? Been trying to pass that area since yesterday...

I dunno man, i'm sure hoping they're the only ones...

exactly, the combined arms showcase. but this behaviour can be discovered on any map or mission, it think it is present since operation flashpoint. that's for more than 10 years, i guess somebody at bohemia thinks, this is really a good idea. can't explain it any other way, for all i know, they do play their own game.

p00d73 added a subscriber: p00d73.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM

Just take cover before you reload a missile... Small arms can be reloaded on the move, just not heavy weaponry like missile launchers. Seems reasonable to me.

That being said, a way to cancel the action (pushing one of the move keys maybe) would be a welcome addition.

that. it's okay you can't reload a launcher on the go. but there's no reason to take control away from me and just freeze the player while reloading.

I don't know why i thought i couldn't move while reloading small arms.

But yeah, there should be a way to cancel the reload at least.

Editing issue.

This really needs to be taken care of. It is incredibly annoying and unrealistic.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM

Are we talking machine guns or launchers? And hell no launchers don't need a reload while moving ability, A that is NOT realistic and B that would make armor totally useless.

A cancel action button, or scroll action menu button would be nice. When prone you cant move when reloading normal weapons, you cant roll to cover if you started reloading. Granted i learned to reload in cover, but a cancelation of some sorts would seem reasonable. Maybe the Q or E could work since they are named 'evasive left, evasive righ' already.

I think moving while reloading heavy weapons pushes the limit and I can't vote for that. As other mentioned, go to cover first.

I suggest we remove the "moving while reloading" part and leave it as Feature Request for cancelling the reloading action.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Well, yes i do agree that moving while reloading is a bit much, but there should be some sort of abort.

How about this: if you're reloading a heavy weapon, and you move, your reload cancels.

@KardasLT: Ah so it was prone that i remembered with small arms.

I agree. A post already has been made about this but idk what happend with it. As for your points i totaly agree since i always get killed because i ahve to reload while out in the open.

Bad move. Don't stack multiple Bugs and/or Features. Create separate tickets, please.

@Fireball: what? Please be clear, i'll edit accordingly. I mean, what's multiple?

You are describing an issue and requesting somthing. Both need to be seperate tickets.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM

Fireball isn't a very good moderator, no offense.

MadDogX is better. And he has a good sense of humor. :D


I believe he meant small arms when prone and heavy weapons. I don't think those are two different Bugs and/or Features.


If what I said is not true, please be more explain what you meant.

Sorry, I commented from my mobile phone, but yes meant exactly what Raoul and AD2001 figured.

  • Moving while reloading heavy weapons (I suggest you turn this into a Feature ticket, to cancel reloading if you start moving while reloading)
  • Can't move while reloading pistol while prone; personally I think this shouldn't be possible for either rifle or sidearm, because think about it: how would this work? You use your arms usually extensively to move forward while prone, so you can't reload anything while creeping around

Yes, it shouldn't be possible to reload neither your sidearm or rifle when moving prone. You could (in theory) push yourself with your legs, but what's the point?


You should remove the reloading while prone request and make this into a feature request asking for a reload cancel.

Are you sure? I mean you could at least roll over. Reloading could just pause till you're done rolling.

I kept them in the same thing because they were both related to immobility while reloading, but if you folks really think it's worth two tickets then OK, will split them.

I'd like to see either a reloading cancel or a slow scoot.


Make a separate ticket for reloading while prone and post a link/ticket number here.

I got lazy about this, sorry, but it's done now.

Agree. The player is paralyzed, if he:

  1. Recharges
  2. Heals itself
  3. Change weapon

This is not correct, I think the player should just stop any of these actions and be able to move, when it is necessary!