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Mirrors at almost any vehicle reflect environment incorrectly
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At most of vehicles, including Offroad (and Ifrit which has it's mirrors obstructed by it's hull), mirrors act like rear-view cameras but not like a real-world mirrors:

  1. In-game mirrors do not reflect vehicle's body.
  2. Reflection does not match actual position of a mirror. It looks as if mirror is showing video stream form invisible camera mounted somewhere at vehicle's rear end. It's even possible to look trough walls and into cars/buildings/etc using sideview mirors.

At the moment (21/03/2014), this problem presents on following vehicles (incl. variants):

  • Zamak
  • Hunter
  • Strider
  • Truck
  • Tempest

This issue is already fixed on following vehicles:

  • AMV-7 Marshall
  • MSE-3 Marid
  • AFV-4 Gorgon
  • FV-720 Mora
  • Offroad

See attached screenshots for more details. {F20486} {F20487} {F20488} {F20489} {F20490} {F20491} {F20492} {F20493} {F20494} {F20495}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place any vehicle from listed above somewhere at Stratis.
  2. Place any object or vehicle right behind it (optional).
  3. Drive in reverse to any object or vehicle as close as possible.
  4. Look at sideview mirror.

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pops added a comment.Jun 28 2013, 10:36 PM

Yep, it has been like this since the beginning of the alpha, at least the new vehicles have "real mirrors". But their positions need fixing/adjustment. And the offroad's left mirror is not acting as one. ;)

Offroad: inside ok, outside not ok
Hunter: camera ok, mirrors not ok
Ifrit: not ok/not visible at all
Strider: ok, but stretched image
Zamak: ok
HEMTT: big mirrors ok, small mirrors not ok

And the offroad's left mirror is not acting as one. ;)

Oh, right, it's not mirrored. :) But it seems to be fixed already:

The Offroad mirror has not been fixed in the latest DEV build. They may not have implemented the fix yet, though.

Comment on the first image is incorrect, it does everything but mirror therefore it is not acting like a real-world mirror.

I think this might be related to

which also doesn't mirror.

I dont get why this isnt even assigned yet. This issue is still present 3 weeks before release. Not a single mirror in the game works like it should be, making them completly useless and driving backwards in first person view almost impossible. They were so proud of the pip functionality but in its current state its not usable.

Ticket needs more votes. Developers take notice and fix it please, cant be too difficult.

Driving backwards in first person is possible and it is usable in its current state - it's just very sloppy. Mirrors aren't even trying to mirror anything, let alone present an accurate image considering their placement on any given vehicle. If possible, the cameras (or whatever the mirrors use for their images) should be placed at the mirror and reversed as necessary to present an accurate "reflection."
I think the only mirror that works well is the one mounted on the MH-6's skid.

@pops, @Killzone_Kid
Thank you guys, I updated issue description. Unfortunately it's impossible to edit or remove attached images.

Ifrit mirrors arent working correctly too and you almost cant see them from the inside. Same problem with the right mirror from the marid. Oh, and the offroad doesnt even have a right mirror xD

A short update concerning the two new civilian cars added to the game.

left mirror is correct, shows part of the car and is placed correctly.
right side mirror shows the same image as left (but mirrored).

Has no mirrors but three camera feeds.
rear view: works, but is not mirrored. Which is strange if you are used to a mirror and takes some getting used to.
left(driver) side rear view: works correctly, but also not mirrored
front view camera: why? Would only be useful if it was night vision, like in some BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.

Also you are not able to read the rear view screen in the dark without an external light source behind you.
Start the car away from any light source and the screens will be black, turn your rear to a street lamp and you
will be able to see the image.

Still not fixed. :\

FrankHH added a subscriber: FrankHH.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM

Come on devs, all this talking about how awesome PIP was for what?


    No new EXE (auto-tests failed)
    Size: ~75 MB

        Functional mirrors for Gorgon

Can someone who plays the dev-version check if this works correctly?

Generic reflections should be only with disabled pip at the moment.
I am going to try tweak them. The main reason is to use only one PIP source, but for useful mirrors there should be two at least.

lulebe added a subscriber: lulebe.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM
lulebe added a comment.Dec 3 2013, 2:04 PM

Using only one pip source sounds like a good idea...if it imporves performance over using two sources, I'm ok with having it look buggy sometimes. There are many other things in ArmA that affect performance negatively, we don't need one more of them.

There are many other things in ArmA that affect performance negatively, we don't need one more of them.

Yeah, high-qulaity textures affect ArmA performance negatively, let's get rid of them. Big maps affect ArmA performance negatively, lets throw away Altis and use cs_office from Counter-Strike instead! Awesome! Who needs improvements or bug fixing? Nobody, right? :)

Well, honestly, I don't want to play a game with Quake I textures quality / 0.003 PIP-sources / whatever just because somebody won't bother upgrading his PC or tuning video settings. :\

Hey, you misunderstood me. I'm ok with upgrading it, my PC can run it smooth and pretty. But I want to allow my friends etc. to play the game as well, maybe make it so that you can deicde how many pip sources you want, then everyone is happy. That would be the same as with your texture example. People with bad pcs can use quake textures, we can use crysis (or almost crysis) textures.

lulebe, I don't see why you should be worried about PIP, you can completely disable it in the options if you want.

Hey, you misunderstood me. I'm ok with upgrading it, my PC can run it smooth and pretty. But I want to allow my friends etc. to play the game as well, maybe make it so that you can deicde how many pip sources you want, then everyone is happy.

Ah, sorry, my mistake. :) I agree that it should be configurable so everybody can play with comfortable FPS and as far as I know it already is, PIP can be even disabled completely in video settings as FrankHH said.

I have to write it correctly. More pip sources decreasing pips' FPS.
Eg. when you use four sources, you can get much more lower fps on pip screens, overthose you can have normal fps of the game. But I agree with useless state at the moment on some vehicles, so I'll push it forward and I hope that I'll improve that.

Just checked out new mirrors on Mora and they are awesome, thank you for your work on this, redstone. Can't wait to see new mirrors on other vehicles. :)

cj187 added a subscriber: cj187.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM
cj187 added a comment.Dec 17 2013, 9:43 PM

Why is priority "none" ???

Semiconductor can you add the new Tempest CSAT heavy truck with its variants to the to-do-list. Their mirrors arent correctly adjusted, too.

Just updated the issue with new screenshots and reviewed vehicle list. It seems that this problem doesn't present on IFVs anymore. :)

danczer added a subscriber: danczer.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM

Video option for concurrent pip count?(Low=1, Medium=2, High=5, Very high=10)

Koala added a subscriber: Koala.May 7 2016, 3:06 PM
LouMontana added a subscriber: LouMontana.EditedSep 21 2016, 12:07 AM

may I add the MH6? The reflection is *not* mirrored.

^ this is more like the mirror is a screen showing the recorded helicopter... the body of the helicopter should appear on the right, not the left.
(actually, this has been bugging me since TKOH!)