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Joystick Saitek X52 Pro not A3 compatible
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I have to set up my controlls ingame witch sucks ass. I want to load in an X52 Profile that has everything configured but ArmA3 wont work when i do that(doesnt crash it just doesnt respond to my inputs). {F20480}


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I have the same one and it is work fine.
I have set some buttons in Arma and other in the profile editor.

I uploaded my profile for X52.

O really? I tried setting it up it didn't work do.. when loadin up the profile

uhm your profile is not an X52 Pro profile..

It´s not the same Profile? Sorry ^^
I have the cheap X52 ^^ and it is work fine.

This is my ingame config:

This is my X52 Config (Only Mode 1):


well no biggy its good you uploaded it could help other people with the normal x52

What the heck. Why do people dislike this. This is not a feature request this is just the fact X52 pro drivers cockblock arma.

This is a pointless post, you seem to be the only person with a X52 Pro thats haveing a problem here.

uhm no. I have seen more of them both X52 and X52 pro and i dont htink most of you dont even know what i mean. There is software that allows you to bind keys to the X52 pro but arma doesnt find them.

The Mad Catz Profil Editor?
You´re realy sure that the Profile work fine?
You want set Special Keys in the Controlsetting or you want set Keys like "L" for light in the profile Editor?

You can try the second way and test the Profile in Word.

I play with my X52 Pro and two POV button are not recognized by Arma 3.
The main one is, but others are not.
I need to create custom keyboard command in my profile i think to get them to work...

yhea or not or we just wait and see what full release brings us.

Has anybody tried the latest Saitek (Programming) Software version 7_0_24_8 to see if any of the crashing bugs have been fixed?

If the crashing or conflict bugs are fixed, it maybe we can no utilize those extra buttons. Albeit, the game software should be able to handle all of the extra buttons with relative ease!

(For clarification, the Saitek Profiling or Programming Software and the Saitek custom HID driver have been known to conflict with ARMA 3 severly, causing game crashing. I'm using a Saitek X52 Pro here. Suggest also searching prexisting bugs before opening new ones.)

Using the latest model hardware TrackIR with the latest version of the TrackIR software, including the latest Saitek X52 Pro Joystick & Rudder drivers and latest Saitek software, I have no problems except for the fact the game cannot detect my Saitek Programming software mapped buttons.

To be exact, the Configure/Controls menu does detect the Saitek profiling editor sending key events to the game, such as mapping "RIGHT CTRL + K" and "RIGHT CTRL + L" to a four way toggle not usually detected by the game alone, but the game reports I'm pressing "CTRL+K [Compass]" and "CTRL+L [Lights]" instead. (The Saitek Programming software does show the joystick hardware mapped to "Right and Left Ctrl" keys, so I'm baffled.

^ same issue.

I should also make mention on a side note, this Saitek X52 Pro throttle controller has a mouse scroll wheel which no longer works as a scroll wheel with the Saitek Software running, when playing the game. (Guessing this throttle scroll wheel bug is a remnant of the previous Game Controller Configuration versus Saitek Software mapping conflicting.)

I have uninstalled the Saitek software after finding even with the Saitek software disabled on startup, the Saitek software was still intercepting the middle mouse button clicks of the scroll wheel on the throttle controller - effectively disabling the middle mouse button clicks. (ie. Saitek Programming drivers and Saitek software still conflicting with the in game controls.)

I also noticed one of the Saitek "Programming drivers" within the device manager containing a yellow question mark indicating a dysfunction driver. As such, I again uninstalled (ie. yanked) the Saitek software from the O/S. I never really cared much for the Saitek software, as in game software is usually far superior to configuring the extra keys, except in ARMA's case with handling joystick buttons above a certain number. (The extra Saitek programming drivers are also reknown for blue screens.)

Bottom line, there should be no problems with handling the extra buttons of any joysticks on the market these days, using in game configuration methods.

UPDATE: I think the latest patch to stable might have caused the throttle scroll wheel and throttle middle mouse button to become dysfunctional! I've apparently deleted all Saitek drivers, and using the MS Windows issued Saitek drivers and the throttle scroll wheel still doesn't work within the game, but the Windows O/S has no problems. Hence the throttle scroll wheel now appears to be another dysfunctional button like the other buttons. :-/

rogerx added a comment.Oct 3 2013, 5:13 PM

I've fiddled around a little more with this and found the following:

The Throttle Middle Mouse Button/Scroll button will work only when the clutch is enabled within the Game Controller device settings! (Doh!)

Users can map the extra joystick buttons within the Saitek Profiling software, but they need to right select on the key/button and select "New Advanced Command" and remember when using the key combo within the game (ie. RIGHT CTRL+K or RIGHT CTRL+L) the exact timing sequence the keys were depressed in order to activate the mapped function within the game. Really odd! You can test this by going into the Game Configure Controller settings and fiddling with the recently mapped joystick button/axis.

You can replicate what I'm doing by trying to map the Flap Functions (ie. RIGHT CTRL+K or RIGHT CTRL+L) to the Throttle Hat keys.

I have this single function finally working somewhat quite well here.

  1. Set the Throttle Controller axis within the Saitek Profiling software to a four way axis.
  2. For the up axis, right mouse button over the entry and select "New Advanced Command"

Throttle Hat = Flaps Up
Right CTRL L Right CTRL L
Right mouse button over the keys entered, and select Quantitize Time to 0.1 seconds. (NOTE: The series of keys should be entered orderly as they are above, and not mixed! Seems the "New Advanced Command" averts the above foremention game mixing up modifier keys, or the Saitek software isn't sending the correct key sequences.)

  1. For the down axis, right mouse button over the entry and select "New Advanced Command"

Throttle Hat = Flaps Down
Right CTRL K Right CTRL K
Right mouse button over the keys entered, and select Quantitize Time to 0.1 seconds. (NOTE: I first used 0.5 seconds, but the game failed to detect or receive some key presses. Feel free to experiement here and follow-up any clarification.)

  1. You can alternatively test the keys you just configured by clicking the gear button within the Saitek Profiling toolbar, but doesn't give very good text output. (Atypical Windows software.)
  1. Click "Save as" and save to your profile name. (Do not expect simply pressing "Save" to properly save the profile, as Saitek software tends to be buggy for some odd reason!)
  1. Clear the profile by right clicking the Saitek taskbar button and then reselect the profile you saved to, in order to load the newly saved profile.
  1. Start the game and test your buttons. It's easier to load an Editor .pbo mission, bypassing many menu prompts! Below are two examples.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -noSplash -Skipintro -nologs "C:\Users\roger\Documents\Arma 3\missions\AirTargetTraining.Altis\mission.sqm"

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -noSplash -Skipintro -nologs "C:\Users\roger\Documents\Arma 3\missions\AirTargetTraining.Altis.pbo"

If you use the Saitek Profile Editing software for ARMA 3, you'll also need to configure the Middle Mouse Button for the Throttle Scroll Wheel, as it's configured to use Mouse Button 2 by default within the Saitek Profile Editor. Again as above,

  1. Right click and select new advanced command for the this button.
  1. Click Record Mouse.
  1. Click the Middle Mouse button and then Unrecord Mouse.
  1. Right click over the recently edited item and select Quantitize Time and enter 0.1
  1. Save your profile (Save as) and clear the startup profile. Then, reload your recently saved profile.

So remember three things, 1) Enable Clutch within the Game Controller Settings for the scroll wheel to work, 2) When configuring buttons, use Advanced Command and Quantitize Time to 0.1, 3) The throttle scroll wheel button is configured by default to use the second mouse button. Reconfiguring or configuration of these is stated just within my past two posts. Enjoy.

Would be nice to have a place to export my Saitek X52 Pro joystick setup (both game and Saitek Profile) for others to use. Maybe I'll get around to setting up a drop box account sometime.

Just pretty much completed a Saitek X52 Pro profile for ARMA 3.
(Hopefully the link works for everybody.)

Another tip, disable Button #1 and use the secondary Button of button #1 (ie. Button #15) The primary button #1 is a dual switch. The initial Button #1 can then be remaped to reveal target when in the helicopter. This is why I seperated the two profiles into RED and BLUE, as Reveal and Next Target functions conflict when mapped to the joystick buttons.

RED = (ARMY) Helicopter
PURPLE = unmapped/unused
BLUE = (AF) Jet

Tomorrow I'll try jotting down what I have for in-game joystick mappings for everybody else.

Think I'll be RMA'ing my joystick as I'm seeing evidence of a loose connection, similar to my old X45. :-/

What's the status of this ticket? Does it work now or does it not?

I just tested this Saitek joystick under Linux using jstest, and seems pretty much rock steady, or Linux just uses a larger dead zone preventing jitter. I'm now wondering if it's not the official Saitek drivers causing jitter on the rudder part. (Or it's still the dreaded loose connection I witnessed years ago with a X45.)

Fireball: Seems the Saitek software has software stability issues, similar to their past several years -- due in part to them loading an input driver into the Windows kernel which tends to commonly conflict or fight for control with the application level of joystick input. Saitek's most recent release of their drivers and Profiling software seems better, and appears finally working but may still have some problems.

I think I meant to post some of my posts here under the main joystick bug concerning ARMA not recognizing more than a certain number of joystick buttons and axis. (ie. Bug #737) For which the original reporter of this bug might be interested, as it relates to almost all Saitek devices.

I think this bug should be closed, and marked Fixed either within ARMA or Saitek drivers, as this bug was likely caused by Saitek's direct input driver.

Thanks, marking as "no change required".