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Copilot flying UH-80 causing HUGE synchronization issue
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When unlocked controls in UH-80 and copilot takes control over the aircraft and takes off, guys in the back dont even see hem taking off or flying at all... it just standing there from their perspective even after it has reached destination few km away. AS soon as left seat pilot takes commands everything works just fine.We find out for this last night in multiplayer and only tested it on UH80. I do not know if this happens on all hellicopters or just UH80


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Spawn UH80 in multiplayer. Spawn 2 player controled pilots and some guys to load in the back.Pilot unlock control and relese comand to copilot. After copilot takes off ask the guys in behind do they see helicopter moving at all...

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this could just be a connection issue

I dont think so.. cuz I was on pilot seat and I saw helicopter moving just fine... 5 guys in back did not even see it move. SO i dont guess 5 of tham had that bad connection in same time and in same helicopter.

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