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Overall visuall improvement request: Realistic damage.
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Dear devs and comunity,

A list of things i'd like to see become real in A3 regarding damage of units structures vehicles enc.

Planes: No explosions, large fires, more particles, more debris and structural damage while in flight(wing breaking off gear collapsing enc) look at DCS A-10/world.

Helicopters: Loss of tailrotor= extreem loss of rudder controll and uncontrollable rudder rotation(unless coaxial rotor config like KA 52 enc). And last visible deformation of structural elements.

Main rotor damage: Instad of having some nice textures covering the blades make them break! Look at blackshark:GTA4 and other games that have this damage. (and ofcourse reallife crashes.

Cars: Loss of wheels and parts of suspension
Visible damage to hull(dents loss of armor enc)
loss of parts like: Hood, Doors, Wheels, SUspension, Roof?... You get the point everything that moves can break: visible deformation of structural elements.

Boats: No massife explosions like arma always had just simply holes in the hull, visible deformation of structural elements.

Wheel los. Ammo cookoff suspension loss. Hatch that blows of due to explosion. And the turrent flying of.

Tracks that Break causeing A large snapping sound due to the fact they are under heavy tension. Vissible Lowering of main gun due to destruction of Gyro. Possible Flying turrent caused by explosion. and ofc ammo cookoff.

Damage models:
3 or 2 different for each vehicle including:
1st is triggerd due to no movement of the vehicle. Damage model looks to be at place of destruction and parts are all scaterd away from the model in all directions.

Model 2 Slow/Medium momentum. Triggerd whilst moving at either Q or W speed and then getting blown up(aircrafts it would be somthing like 100 to 200 KMH) Land vehicles particles would leave a trail behind it and enitial blast crater is a bit behind the vehicle.
Aircraft would have a large debris trial bout 100M in length.

Model 3
High speed damage model. triggerd by landvehicles moving E or W shift speed.
Aircraft speed 250 and higher.
AIrcraft: Long and visibel wide spread of debriss 200+M long and 50 M wide Parts such as wings engine vertical stabalizor(rudder) and Horizontal elevator(up and down wing), Wings, cockpit and weapon launchers would include this debriss field and mayhbey some small particles that despawn over a 1 min period and are only renderd when close +- 100M.

Land vehicles:
Damage spread of +- 20M in length and +- 10M in width(doesnt include small particles) Things such as weapons,turrents,wheels,shovels,suspension,doors are main things in this debriss field small particles like fuel cans exausts cauld be despawned After 1 min and only renderd at distances of +-10M.

Envoirment: Bring back the ground deformation from arma 2!
It was annoying but realistic you could use it as cover and it changed the area of operations in a dramatic way.

Structures: Look at (other post of mine regarding the same ting it only handles the subject keyholes)
Walls: Enable to knock down wall easyer with heavyer vehicles.
Chucks of buildings/walls and or types of vegetation that have physics aplied to them before automaticaly sliding off the vehicle(to prefent physics overload).

Ability to smash out parts of building that collapse using vehicles whit out resulting in massife damage taken to the vehicle: In arma 2 you would die if a building (2 story high made of mud) collapsed on your tank.

Towing ropes: Vehicle emprovement that could be used to tear down small structures like scaffholdings(im gona start a new post regarding some vehicle emprovements).

Breaking bones?
It would be intteresting and realistic now in arma you break your legs get firstaided and done you are good to go. What would it change? Better teamwork regarding medical teams: having to heal the woonds(if shot or open fracture) then carying him out of the battlefield with stracher.

Visible gore(could be enabled or disabled). Would change the entire game from a now weird ragdoll physics troll simulator to a REALLY advanced >simulator< that could really shock you from point to point during the battles.

Bleeding system:
Instead of seeing blood clouds(like now with chunks of meat) somthing more interesting like actuall blood splatters.

Heat damage:
Visible animation in response of a heat source like a cartridge hitting you on the arm. Fire can do damage depending on white typ: Fuel fire can couse burns from distance as 10M depending its intensity.

Bombs missiles enc have scrapnell.

//Character outfit\\\\\\
Tearing of clothing,Burnmarks and blood stains.

Weapons damage.
Scopes that fall of after an fall or hard impact(by car).

Breaking of NV from its holder on the helmet(would be really badluck but still it happends).

Visible jamming animation (Bolt stopping from moving back halfway).


Thats all pretty much feel free to add tags i will be adding lots of pictures from A2 realife life and other games.


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Pictures: (Blastcore particles enc) (Damaged vehicle after IED hit) Visible structural and damage to rotor of an helicopter.

Video's: Far cry 2 jamming animations (Doesn't need to be that dramatic do)

Other: Arma 2 terrain deformation when aircraft crashes. Take on helicopters Hitpoints witch means all things in the list of hitpoints are area's to be damaged in arma these are just 7 crucial parts here you have almost over 20 parts that are damagable.

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There was ground deformation in arma 2? Could you please elaborate with some pictures? Anyway i agree on ticket and upvoting.

This is an extremely huge ask. The Arma team are not gods.

@fragmachine il get the picks tommorow.
@ElfinNutria I know but this has been bugging people since arma 1 and flashpoint they never changed it. they had this comming the moment they started the feedback tracker. And since everyone wants visual emprovements and animation things i just summed up all things they could add as for damage. And its not really that much i mean they had 6 months to come with beta all they gave usis some new vehicles 4 weapons and thats it...

@Raoul1234 Untrue. Check the change logs. The reason the beta has very little content is to ensure we are more involved in the development process, and rather than making game changing features, they are more likely to fix up bugs to ensure that the launch of the game s as smooth as possible. If you really desperately want all these features, more often than not, the modding community has got you covered.

That being said, the developers want to improve the engine, and it's likely that some of the visual things you mentioned will be implemented on full release. Like I say- beta content is very limited.

I believe that unfortunatelly these changes are not possible to be done by modders, because these need to be done in the engine code - to which only BIS is allowed.

As gameplay goes I would mostly appreciate some surface simulation like slickness, mud or sand in which wheeled vehicles can stuck. Then we would need another vehicle to tow us out. This would give priority to roads and would put an accent to control them. No more truck running mindlessly through plowed field. It would also add more depth into tank combat.

Another thing I would like to see are some better craters/terrain deformations. Lower priority for gameplay but still higher for visual-quality which BIS wants to achieve. "Current craters do not live-up to standards" ticket is around here on tracker - suggest you to check it. Infantry could hide in those craters waiting for CAS etc.

For visual fidelity I would like to see better damage models for vehicles. No more exploding boats, ATVs, cars. These could get in fire but should not been layered with "darkened textures" instantly, but rather with time and fire consuming these vehicles, starting from points where fire comes off. It would be easier to add but would change alot in this area - merging original textures and smoldered ones.

Well yes you both are right. But still they had long time to start working on this engine and for years people wanted these things. The only thing mod makers could do is change sounds explosion effects bu tthat is really it..

There is much more what any modder can add to this game, not only explosion sounds. But - again - mods are using scripts which are FPS extensive - and we would rather like something core-engine actually made by devs.

There is really thin line between upgrading parts of the engine and making it unmodable - completely or to some degree - this is what BIS don't want to do.

Of course, If modders could have engine code they would be able to do wonders probably... But it is obvious for anyone that it won't be published, it is Bohemia work and only BIS should get credit for it.

So all my faith I put in BIS - to make these features happen - or to allow much more flexibility in the engine for the modders - hopefully with JAVA implementation maybe it could get better?

No hell no no java xD i know what you mean and i agree but lets face away from java... Its frustrating seeing my post only got 10 votes up when its somthing they should really change since this has been an issue since A1..... and shit posts like 4 shots to the chest before death get all post of people that should stick to cod.

I feel your pain mate. You've made detailed report and I agree on most if not on all of it. It is all dependant on devs what they add and what not, we can only show our interest.

Im afraid that this ground deformation is nothing more than model - but even that is better than texture mark like for instance on craters. Even first OFP had mod called FFUR and it has nice modeled craters.

You've got my vote Raoul, but take a look on the ticket 0010745.

@ plutoto74 ty m8 really apreciate it.
@fragmachine yhea i know but its not really up the devs its the shitty mods on this site that pick the ones liked most by a bunch of cod kids that are pissed of that they die so quick.

arziben added a subscriber: arziben.May 7 2016, 3:05 PM

as much as I'd like to see that, all those deformations and such are a huge ressource consumers more suitable for an enclosed race game. Plus all the models would have to be redone in order for this to work, everything can't be implemented in game...

Nha i dont really want evrything im just giving a list of things that could be implemented whitout to much work and to much system drainage. As much as i would love to see all of this i know it wont work because no pc can handle it.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:05 PM

Vertex deformation...

NOTE: I dont specificly want all of this. this is just a list of things that could be implemented whitout loss of frame and visuall asspects.

I remember there's not 100% CPU and GPU usage...

BTW guys somthing nice to look at is UDK its the engine for the new Unreal tournament. This engine contains some awsome damage modeling in vehicles not to mention its compatibility with Apex destruction Apex clothing and more nvidia Apex physx features.

Pre-baked(pre-deformed) vertex deformation need here, as in GTA, COD, BF and a lot of other MP games

Agreed. Its not really what i meant but its deffenetly an emprove ment. Make a new post since im not fimiliar with Pre-baked vertex deformation. All i know to work with is Physx lab and UDK and blender using either proxy mesh utilazation or APex destruction, clothing and fluid sims

Say it to BIS, they worry about MP, or just dont have skilled programmers...

Apex simulation is done. Note its a Unreal tournament Quake 3 demo showing apex destruction whitout lag (Note this engine is 10 times heavyer then Arma engine)

Thoes who are interested the demo im giving about Apex physics is also exported AS .exe file(installer) So if you wnt contact me trough bis forms (Samename) and iwil send ytou the file trough skype(its 283MB unless osmeone else knows a free file upload htingy where i can upload more then 300MB).

Some really good ideas here, upvoted

Hello guys,

thank you for the detailed ticket and also for valid discussion bellow it. I'll keep track of it and although I cannot promise anything, some ideas from here might end up on our to-do list.

Nice day to all!

Another Apexfest. )

Iceman thanks for responding. I know lil late but yhea this does get me a bit hyped.