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Cheating using shift-click marker
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It's possible to place a personal marker on the map using shift+click that accurately appears on the HUD.

This can be used as a cheat in several ways:

  1. When enemies show up on the map, you can shift-click on their map icon and then shoot at the HUD marker.
  2. When you want the *exact* range to a certain point/enemy, you can use this method to get a range accurate to half a meter.


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Place a unit in your visual range, shift+click on the map. Close map and use HUD marker to spot or range.

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Yes, i do this a lot :D

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Not judging anyone who does, when it's in the game, you better well use it in MP... (I've used it too to range sniper shots)

This is dumb *downvote* Stop playing TVT and you will see why this is import especially for chopper pilots

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This has been a feature since operation flashpoint and it provides a simulation of real life trained soldiers. In real life someone might go "Enemies south of the barn near the ridgeline", later on you'll see the barn south of the ridgeline and go "aw shit there might be dudes here.

You can't really simulate this ingame, so this is the closest you'll get. It's not massively broken.

And chopper flying basically requires it.

Doln: huh? What has that to do with this particular issue. This is particularly about being able to set waypoints on the map that show up precisely, without deviation on the HUD and with an accurate ranging beneath it.

DevilDogGamer: vehicles already have the azimuth permanently displayed on the HUD and have their locations shown exactly on the map. That should be more than sufficient to navigate.

When you see an enemy, it is thought that you can read a map and use the scale of the map to calculate distance, it's not hard but something the game assumes you can do.

In multiplayer, the pilot class should have the ability to click and put multiple markers on the map to create a "waypoint" flight path. And the pilot should be able to switch forward or backward from 1 waypoint to another.

The waypoint markers shouldn't display on other peoples computer, unless they are a pilot or co-pilot.

Simply adjust difficulty settings, so that HUD markers are hidden. Or adjust difficulty to prevent enemy/friendly units from being drawn on map.

Non-issue, closing.