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The Titan AT Launcher has a super locking system if you stay in the scope
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I think it's a bug at least. Basically, once you're locked on, if you stay in the scope, you can fire the opposite direction, and the missile will still find its target.


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  1. Place a Missile Specialist (AT) and an enemy tank.
  2. Go inside the scope and lock onto the tank.
  3. Once locked on, hold End to turn around 180°.
  4. Fire, and watch the missile hit the target.
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Dev Build Still no need to wait for the target lock to hit the target.

You do not need to look through the optics. Just box the target, and pop the missle off in a random direction.

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I agree that this needs to be rectified as it makes the launcher too powerful.

This is not a bug, it is realistic. These munitions have cams in the warhead tips that track their target ounce fired, so when you fire in the opposite direction, it automatically tracks and finds its target to kill. This is what those kind of missiles are programmed to do. Same with the TOW from Arma 2. Fixing and issue that isn't broken will be like changing the 2035 technology, to cold war technology. Case and point, it is not a glitch. Gonna have to down vote this one.

I doubt it's intended, but it's not for me to decide. The ticket is well-written.

A well written ticket is no more valid than the point it makes.

Personally this is not a bug to me, it's a feature that doesn't offer any unfair advantages, only more chances for dynamic use of the weapon.

It's not realistic. To be able to fire in the opposite direction of a target and hit it is unrealistic.
By the time the missile is going fast enough for its fins to allow it to turn at its maximum turning rate, the target will be at an angle behind it that wouldn't allow for proper tracking.

I agree that once fired, the missile should track its target, but (as those of you who know how a Javelin works or have played DCS: A-10) the missile still needs to be able to point its seeker head at the target, and be programmed to seek the target by the CLU (or in the case of the A-10, have its gimbal manually steered) before any sort of homing will occur.
Yes the missiles have a gimbal in the head that allows the missile to be fired off axis and hit the target, but the gimbal has a limit too. I don't think the missile should track if it is fired more than 20-30 degrees off axis. Anyone who has used the AGM-65 Mavericks in DCS: A-10 will know that the travel on such seeker heads is actually quite limited.

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This is fixed. Close Ticket

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