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Adding cargo drops(USAF/82nd airborne style)
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As some of you know Airborne devisions some thimes carry out practice drops witch they record on tape. As you can see in thoes the soldier carries his shute on his back some cargo in the front and a large bag with stuff between/infront of his legs. Now not all soldiers have that ability but i think its something insteresting to look into when you are an automatic rifleman that has to carry Loads of ammo a big ass primairy gun and some other things. \

Also things like the ability to drop Large cargo pailoads from planes as C5 Galaxy's. You all have seen the vid of a large flatbed Mount with a vehicle on it slides out the back opens likewhat 12 Shutes and lands safely on the ground. I will be providing links with video's showing what i mean.


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Additional Information 82nd airborne jump from C5 galaxy. Cargo resuply drop also from C5 galaxy.

h BF3 DROPSHIP APC animation (Awsome but still a bit fake)

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Here's some footage of the Russian VDV, with animations of the specific technique:

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And some clearer footage with another technique, also with light tanks:
I have no clue what they're saying though.

Thanks P00d73. And Akinari-san this is not related at all... that guy is describing infantry paradrops changed to be more realisit. Im talking about dumping APC's enc out of the backs of C5's :P

I would love this feature to be added to the game.

I would love this game to have the Antanov Mod from ARMA 2's style of vehicle loading, I.E. nearly any vehicle which fits can be driven in the back of a cargo plane or helicopter, loaded up and flown somewhere then unloaded and especially having the feature of dropping it mid air! Hell yes upvoting.

Yhea i actually hope they add some kind of large transport aircraft. Like the C5 galaxy with walkable interior decent animations enc.

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