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flares in helicopters are not able to counter anti air missiles correctly
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when you are in a helicopter flying , and you will fly over enemy terain (invade and anex)you will be shot down immidiatly, whitout a warning because you are hit by missle.
you have flares, yes you do, but you don't know when to deploy them, you don't get a missile warning or something like that.

my request is, can we a missle warning in the helicopter so we, the pilots, are able to deploy our countermesures.

i did some test with flying helicopters above enemy terrain, and i went to third person view to see if a missle was coming, when i saw the missle it was already to late and i went down.


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I was testing last night and it seems that not all helicopters can see incoming missiles on their radar.

Helicopters that can see incoming missiles on Radar:
AH-99 Blackfoot (300 Flares) (Can also see when it is being acquired by AA and where from)
Mi-48 Kajman (192 Flares)
PO-30 Orca (180 Flares)

Helicopters that can't see incoming missiles on Radar:
AH-6 Pawnee (No Flares)
MH-6 Hummingbird (No Flares)
UH-80 Ghosthawk (180 Flares)
CH-49 Mohawk (180 Flares)

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yes I tested it out on the ghosthawk, and really you cant do anything about the incomming missle

IT has a HUGE warning system if you check your air radar, It tells you who is locking onto you with a circle, and if a rocket is fired it Appears as a HUGE {M} Flying at you, It blinks and it freaks out warning you.

INFACT, I'll link a video i just made of it for you.

I'd refer to Quaggles Post about the choppers that don't have them, but I'd suggest the minibirds be kept without them.

Also there is no warning sound for incoming missiles.

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Unfortunately with new BETA UPDATE flares in MI-48 are... VERY WEAK. It's a lottery if they will hit you or not, and it seems as it is 50/50. Comanche it's a bit better.

Related to #10475

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