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skipTime command can cause incorrect results, and cause persistent extremely low FPS when skipping large amounts of time
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The skipTime script command makes incorrect changes to the game world time when skipping large amounts of time (say one year).

When given extremely large numbers (say three years), it starts a continuous "time warp" effect that reduces the game to about 1 FPS. This condition is persistent until the game is restarted, and may continue until the game crashes with an "Out of memory" type error message.

Both of these issues seem to be related to the way the game stores the current date.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new mission in editor, using any time setting
  2. Start mission preview, and open debug console
  3. Enter the following into a watch field: date
  4. Enter the following into another watch field: dateToNumber date
  5. Enter the following in the execute field: skipTime (365*24)
  6. Observe date change (date goes backwards, by more than a year)
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 a few times (date goes forward, sometimes by one year, sometimes more and sometimes less).
  8. Enter the following in the execute field: skipTime (3*365*24)
  9. Note game get stuck at about 1 FPS, hour of day reported by date command changes to impossible values, clouds may appear strange. Exit mission and editor, load any other mission and note performance is still terrible. Game may crash if left long enough.
Additional Information

Use the setDate command to make large changes to game time

Tested in 0.71.106998

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skipTime has similar behaviour in Arma 2 OA too

This issue is still apparent in release build 1.00.109911

Maybe skiptime wasnt designed to handle large intervals for which setdate is probably more suitable

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@KillZone Kid
Undoubtedly, but commands should be a bit more robust. The persistent low FPS time warp state this issue can create has potential for malicious use, ruining not only the current mission but the current game instance.

Time warp low FPS issue still a problem in dev build 1.43.130502. FPS is subsequent missions is slightly better than before (8 FPS), but mission editor reports strange config errors that normally don't occur, suggesting this issue somehow affects the game config.

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Unable to reproduce persistent low FPS issue in build 1.54, but inaccurate resulting time/date after skipTime persists.

Trivial, but still a bug.

No change in dev build 1.63.137921

Low FPS persists for duration of current mission.

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Rev 148840, skipTime is limited to +/- 1000 hours per skip

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