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Nightime is not dark enough
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In arma 2 you needed NVGs for certain missions or youd end up seeing nothing, I set the time to 11pm, 12am and 1am in the middle of winter and it just wasnt dark enough, doesnt reflect how awesome ARMA 2 was for night ops.


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Load up the editor, set time/date.

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I disagree. The only issue i have is that the skybox has too much blues around the horizon in the night.

The nights are dark. Set it to over cast - they are dark. The moon is out - its not that dark. The moon is under the horizon - its dark again. Play around with the days of the month and the position of the moon.

I disagree as well. ARMA 2 had terrible nights (not matter what it was too dark compared to real life). In real life I can go out in a overcast night in the middle of no where and see a tree 5 feet in front of me. In ARMA 2 you could not even see a gun being pointed right in your face on a clear night.

I disagree as well. ARMA 2 had terrible nights. Arma3 is dark enough, but the moon position + time & clouds play a factor.

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Nobody has successfully reproduced a moonless night so far within this thread.

To do so, look at the calendar and the phases of the moon, then adjust the game's calendar within the editor for a date with a new moon or moonless night.

I believe I have done so by setting the calendar to May 20, 2013. (I am using a developer version as of the date of this post, and the longitude/latitude coordinates have changed recently so this date may not be new moon for you.) Notice the night sky remains as bright as nights with a more than half moon shining. I speculate the light emitting throughout the sky from the phases of the moon is statically set and not yet link (or in sync) with the phases of the moon.

(I do not see how ARMA 2 is relevant with this bug.)

Masking the sky with clouds is merrily hacking around this issue. Doing so makes shooting flares into the sky useless as their light is entirely suppressed by the clouds or overcast. Matter of fact, one of the main issues with sky being too bright, flare launchers/rounds are almost entirely useless as the brightness of the sky negates more than 80% of the light emitted from the flare round. A better method of using flare rounds, is to simply shoot them onto the ground. Sort of makes months of programming the flare round dropping from the sky, for nothing more than an aesthetic appeal.

With the sky always as bright from the light of a full moon, flare launchers and rounds are almost entirely useless for night lighting. Please follow-up with better methods if for some reason I'm wrong. Also, some scientific experience within astronomy might help. ;-) (If the sky were this bright all the time, we would have a far more difficult time within the science of astronomy!)

On a side note, the phases of the moon change based on location. May 20, 2013 doesn't seem to indicate a new moon phase (or no moon) within calendars for Greece. I estimated a new moon (or moonless night) by taking note of the phase of the current moon and subtract/add the number of days to a new moon.

UPDATE on Location: MadDogX's 2013-06-23 reply within Bug #9915 "Moon does not illuminate"; "See Bug #0002291. For the time being, you'll simply need to experiment with the dates in-game."

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