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Waypoints (Get Out/Transport Unload) seem bugged
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Since the transition to Beta, I have been having some issues with waypoints.

For example: I have a mission where a squad boards a Ghosthawk and the Ghosthawk then flies them to a landing zone. What used to happen (before Beta) is the squad leader tells everyone to disembark using the Get Out waypoint which is linked to the Transport Unload waypoint for the heli. The heli then lands and all is okay.

Now, however, the heli will suddenly turn before even reaching the waypoint and go to a hover. Forever. The squad leader doesnt get close enough to tell his guys to get out, and the heli doesnt move. I have tried to move the Transport Unload waypoint past the landing zone, hoping they will fly past (and close enough) to the Get Out/Transport Unload waypoint to make it work. But even then, they stop suddenly before reaching the landing zone and go into their hover like I mentioned before.

ALSO: In this particular test I am doing, a second squad I copy and pasted from the original has managed to land, and the soldiers are now just STANDING THERE not moving to their next waypoint.

It appears waypoints are bugged out somehow. {F20381} {F20382}


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Steps To Reproduce

Choose one of the soldiers in the first full squad (not the sniper team or pilots), such as the Autorifleman, then proceed to board the heli like the squad leader orders, enjoy the short ride, then watch as one or both helicopters turn and go into a hover randomly. Also note that the AI squad leader in one of the helis will never order a get out, while the other leader very rarely will order get out, but then not do anything further at all.

Additional Information

I would attach the mission file but I can't seem to figure out how.. It wont let me attach the mission sqm, nor will it let me attach a word doc with the sqm copied into it.

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I'd like to note that after even further testing I still cannot get the squad leader to give any orders after they get out of the heli (if I even get that far).

Please fix the waypoints or the AI awareness of them or whatever the issue is!

This really needs to get noticed so it can be fixed. Squad leaders are failing to move to their next waypoint in some cases.

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Same here,

Olso when i use the join, join and lead, the position of these waypoints are suddenly changed in de game to an other position, in some cases 1 click away.

Yikes! This sounds bad. You have my enthusiastic upvote.

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This ticket needs to be more specific ("some" waypoints? any vehicle? only helicopters?), plus it needs a repro mission.

It wont let me upload the mission sqm.

It does not appear to be related to the Ghosthawk, as this is reproductable using the little bird/humming bird and I have not tried with any other vehicles.

I have also noticed AI-retarded behavior without use of vehicles. Like squad leaders not moving onto the next waypoint and giving orders for it. I'm afraid I don't have more info on that particular issue. Just something I have seen a few times in different missions.

I played around trying to get this to work so Long I just gave up. UPVOTED!! :D

Cypher: Please zip the entire folder including the mission.sqm and upload the zip.

Thank you, I uploaded the example mission. I also added steps to reproduce up at the top of this post.

I'm sorry to keep nagging, but that mission is a full mission, not only a mission which shows the problem.

The problem with such full blown missions is, that you don't know where to look at, for how long to play it, to show the problem where.

We would require a scratch mission, only of the chopper trying to pick up the guys and then unload them again, exactly showing the problem only and only that.

Okay, but I do urge you to go into the first mission I sent, just take the heli ride in the beginning (no combat is required, and will take less than 5 minutes to see the problem happen)

I did upload another great example of the pilot going crazy in the presence of enemy AI when trying to drop troops off. In MY test of it the pilot landed in the middle of the damn water after passing completely over the landing spot/waypoint. I'm sorry I forgot to turn the enemy AI behavior to Never Fire, so you might like to do that before testing it!

The situation in Test.Stratis seems to be related to AI refusing to land near the enemy, which is covered by #2060. If the landing zone is moved away from the enemy vehicle, the Ghosthawk will land and unload as expected.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity this year; assume fixed or too trivial etc.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please create a new ticket referencing this one and request for it to be re-opened.