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SMGs with Holo and Reflex sights range adjustment ability.
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The SMGs are designed for less than 200 meters as a close quarter weapon, but the sights are ranged so high that making precision shots at less than 100 meters is hard. The real EOTech XPS Holographic sight has a range adjustment, I own one, and I'm not sure for the reflex sights. I have used the holographic sight in some competitive courses and I always keep the range to be set for 100 meters or less.


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Put a Holosight or reflex sight on a Vermin or Scorpion EVO and fire at a wall under 200m using tracers and your bullets will be way too high.

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This is me shooting at a building with a Vermin with a Holo at 108 meters, as you can see the bullets are hitting about 2 - 3 feet high.

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Haven't checked, but agreed, the sights on these types of guns should be set for short ranges.

In ArmA2 sights on the MP5 and Bizon were set at 50 meters.

This is especially serious with a Vermin.

There is no range adjustment on any holo-, reflex- or red dot-sight. You can adjust your zero and better keep it that way. They are not made to be used like scope turrets.

Granted, the range should be set for <200m, depending on the reticle and weapon used.

A Carbine would be set to 100m or 200m (with 2 dots you could set it to 100m and use the second dot for 200m).

The Evo and KRISS are used for <100m.

By the way nice AR, Warfighter! Would say 7", VLTOR stock, XPS2, Magpul mag and foregrip, Troy BUIS, fully decked out. What matches do you compete in?

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I think this is due to the incompatibility of the regular sights and SMGs. They made new sights for the SMGs.

Figured that much, which is basically a game issue if you have to use a "SMG" optical sight and a "rifle" sight, although it should be one item only.

Yeah I made this post a few months ago, its been solved since they added the mk17 sight. It won't let me change the status.

I don't compete in any official competitions, I just do small MOUT style courses with a few buddies of mine and we get a little competitive. Your right it doesn't have range adjustment, I just keep it zero'd for 50 - 100m.

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I made a ticket asking for adjustable ranges for scopes but certain people said it wasn't realistic.

Please BIS make them adjustable and those people just won't use the ability.

Its set in the near future...

Even in the near future such optics won't feature a bullet drop compensator as magnified optics do. In the near future this will be achieved by digital optics (already being tested). They adjust the reticle according to the measured distance with a build-in range finder. You can even select the ammunition being used to compensate different coefficients.

However, when BIS implements real world weapons and equipment, they should work as expected. Close/Mid-range optics (Elcan, EOTech,...) do not have elevation knobs and therefore should not have such in ArmA 3.

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SMG holosights and ironsights now use 100m zeroing.