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3D scopes allow TrackIR users to view freely around with zoomed in view
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Using the new 3D scopes with the Beta, I noticed my view was floating as if just aiming down the sights. This allowed me to look around freely with the magnification of the scope, even when not looking down the scope.

If 3D scopes is here to stay, the view needs to be locked and zeroed when using a scope.

This issue only occours with ACOG and other 4X optics, the snipers view is locked as it should be. {F20345}


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You'll need TrackIR to achieve this, freelooking as normal is locked as it should be, only TrackIR enables you to look around with superzoom.

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I feel the problem is the scope is pushed out to far.
You have trouble seeing the bullet drop compensator if you move the view where it should be the trackIR should lock

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Add a "sight lock key".
Maybe just leave the LAlt key to do this job if the game detected a HeadTrack(TIR\FreeT\OR ect...) is in using.
I think even for the fake "Zoomed in" scope, it should allow some mount of Zoom change with HeadTrack's tZ-axis like it for non-powered sight. just set both the upper and lower limit higher. It won't totally fix the problem That HeadTrack is too sensitive with high zoom, but it may makes player feel better if our zoom is not stucked.

The freelook key would be fine to use normally as I think you should be able to freelook with the scope up but this is only if they implement the pip 3d scope. So your view would not be zoomed with the scope. Then the system would be close to realistic too.

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The best solution would still be that the view around the 3D scope is not zoomed in.

Sniper's SOS works fine because It's not 3D optics.

W4RH4WK added a subscriber: W4RH4WK.May 7 2016, 2:58 PM

would it be possible to implement it like in the black mesa hl2 mod? see screenshot

What are you talking about sniped? It was the first 3d scope given to us. It also has the exact same properties as the other 3d scopes except it has a high magnification.

jakeryan760 NO it is not SOS with the TrackIR scoped in move your head left or right it does not move on arco rco move you head scoped in and you can look left or right it gives me a headache and in real life it can't be done sure you can lift your head but that would be rmb unzoom

The 3D scopes need to perform like this... plain and simple:

looks great, they should implement it this way. even though the weapon sway makes me a little bit sick

Dingo-J added a subscriber: Dingo-J.May 7 2016, 2:58 PM

Really kills the feeling of being in the game when I can look around and still be zoomed in. I liked the 2d scopes better. PIP (as in the black mesa pic would be awesome - but I don't think we'll get that). At least lock the eye piece while in the scope.

This is in serious need of fixing. Both because this essentially allows us with TrackIR to cheat and because it requires pausing TrackIR to shoot with optics.

Also, the reflections on the lens suggest that the ocular lens is convex. Ocular lenses on real optics are intentionally flat to prevent that kind of reflection.

Just blacken the edges around the scope already. Forget PIP for now just at least make the game playable.

Stuff like this should've been fixed before anyone even started thinking about the campaign.

The number of times I've gone to scope and a few seconds later I've quit Arma3 and loaded Arma2 because of this issue is loads. We don't spend so much on hardware to make our games less immersive on such a grand level.

I sort of like 3D scopes with TrackIR.

I think it just needs to be tweaked a little, such as zooming (or leaning) forward so the persons view encompasses the scope more.

Similar in real life, you lean into the scope to focus out the distractions around you, and then lean out to focus on the distractions around you.

(Ran into 3D scopes on one server, but was never really able to fully experience using them, but can likely speculate the feature or the lacking tweak required to make it better. I'll likely get some play time a little later for experiencing this feature more. ;-)

Rogerx: Leaning into scopes in real life will only get you scope shadow and increase the chances of missing your target due to optical parallax. Magnified optics have what is called an "eye relief", which is a set distance away from the ocular lens your eye needs to achieve proper alignment between your eye, the reticule and the target.

machineabuse: I'm well aware of this. However in a computer simulation, you need to usually simplify processes as a computer is limited.

Hence, the scope shadow can and already is omitted from simulations. (Likely later we'll see this in later or some current simulations when feasible.)

I played around last night with TrackIR and free-look scopes with the current stable branch last night. From what I saw or witnessed, it's exactly as I pretty much speculated in the my last post. Free-look distance from the scope is basically static or not adjusted when moving your head forward. Using a 27" monitor here, the view of the scope was no better then using a smaller monitor. Hence, a person cannot view what is within the scope very well at all, and at times I found my face 1" from my monitor in order to try to ascertain any kind of detail when using the scopes! Should also note, because of the lack ability to see any scope detail, zeroing in a scope (ie. nightstalker scope) is virtually impossible!

Solution: When a person with TrackIR uses scopes with free-look, moving their head forward one or two inches should simulate putting their eye to the scope. Back away one inch, they then can see around themselves. (A simple fix in of itself, but maybe the Developers ran out of time to implement?)

With your mention of scope shadow, scope shadow could also be implemented and this would be an additional function. (ie. if head >2 inches forward, then 'implement_scope_shadow_simulation_function') However, this later note would be more considered a feature, and not really needed to resolve this bug.

Funny way to "simplify".

I'm not using TrackIR from within third person view instead of first person view. First person view with TrackIR is very difficult and unrealistic. Third person view seems more realistic, and I'm doing far better now with the first person shooter module of ARMA 3. (See the following URL for my complete explanation: