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PiP Scopes
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It's great that you have included the new PiP scopes in the beta, but I have one problem to report.

The scope (ACOG) zooms in, but the area around the scope (the area not in the picture of the scope, but the area outside the scope) still zooms in. The ACOG has a lens that zooms in INSIDE of the scope, therefore the area NOT inside the scope should NOT zoom in.

The point of PiP scopes is to see your surroundings around you, an if the outside of the scope didn't zoom just like the inside, then you would have much more situational awareness, as in real life. {F20322} {F20323}


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Aim with an ACOG scope.

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Noticed that as well.I believe the 2010 game Medal of Honor did this, and it worked out well...

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Updated the discription

They aren't PiP so you can't have two different levels of zoom. PiP uses to many resources to be used this way.

Personally I think the current 3d scopes are much better than the old 2d overlay.

I agree with OP, too many games just zoom everything in, it should be just the scopes, makes it much more realistic

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Duplicate. #2510