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AI Infantry won't engage from cover.
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This ticket is regarding the AI's inability to change stance in order to shoot over an obstacle he is already behind. If an AI team mate is manually ordered to move behind some form of cover, he cannot utilize the it effectively. Consider the following example:

If an AI is in a "Combat" state, he will often lie prone no matter where he is - this is okay. However, if the unit is behind a short obstacle he will never change stance to engage enemies on the other side. The ideal behavior is the unit change stance temporarily to shoot enemies if a squad mate has called them out and the squad is in a combat state (unless of course you explicitly set the AI's stance).

With the current implementation, even if you give the unit an explicit order to engage, he will change stance but then also move out of cover, even though he had a clear shot as soon as he went into a crouch.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Set up a mission with the player and subordinate near a small obstacle, such as a bag fence.

  1. Have an enemy unit start out hidden from your squad, but give it a waypoint to move out in front of the bag fence.

3.Launch the mission.
4.Order the subordinate to move to the ground directly behind the bag fence and tell it to go into combat mode. It will lie prone at that point. However, if you order the unit to move to the "House Position Slot" attached to the bag fence, it will stay crouched instead.
5.Once the enemy unit is visible, order the subordinate to target the enemy and engage. He will most likely get up and move before shooting.

Here is a short video demonstrating the effect:

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Could you please attach a repro mission?

Hi and thanks for looking into this :)

I uploaded the mission file I was using but it may not be of much use on its own. I made a video of how to reproduce the problem here:

i do a gree, just start the newset commanding showcase mission, go down to the village, command your squad to take cover, most of them, will just lay in opening, easy to take down. This should be fixed!

It would be nice if they could find cover on their own, but seems like an even more complex problem. I'm just hoping it is possible for the AI to recognize they can crouch and shoot over the object in front of them.