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Server will "Mission Failed" for no reason
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I am coming across multiple MP servers that are getting "Mission Failed All Players have Died" for no reason. They are all persistent servers and when it happens all players are still alive. Seems to happen after either a certain amount of time or after about 30 players join the server.


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Afaik this is caused by cheating script kiddies. They can even display a "mission failed" screen for individual players. I came across two just yesterday, after my buddy and I took them out, we got the "mission failed" message one after another. The only thing you can then do is disconnect. I really hope Battleye can prevent this in the future.

This is not only caused by cheaters, but I/we thought it was caused by a mission bug. Now that it happens to other people, I'm not so sure anymore. :-)

Happened to some random server I was playing on and there were no cheaters on the server for what I could tell. The only player joining before that happened was "Predator", but he was actually known by the community he played on (I believe), he was playing along with everyone (using VON and participating in teamplay) next round.

I happened to record that session: Jump to the end of the video.

It's a problem in newly added respawn system. Could you please tell me in what mission(s) it's happening, so I can debug it?

That is exactly what we are getting as well (same look to the mission end). I was thinking it was a mission bug as well...but nowhere in our mission does it call for a mission end (it is a Stratis Life why would it ever call for a mission end). That being said it was happening consistently when we reached 30+ players, so I was (and still kind of am) confused if it is a BETA bug or a hacker.

I'm getting the same error on every MP server. As soon as I'm done "receiving data," the Mission Failed screen pops up over Stratis. If I hit connect, nothing. If I hit disconnect, I get a white screen and need to kill the game.


It is happening on our server for sure. Server name is "[NSA] Never Stand Alone Jolly Roger Stratis Life" (We have locked it for the time being until the issue can be tracked down). It has also been happening on other servers (can't name them off hand). Server worked without this issue in Alpha and in pre-beta dev build (though I do believe I did hear a report of it happening once in the pre-beta dev build)

And would you know in which missions it was happening?

Happens in our Wasteland mission as well, it has 3 teams (BLUFOR\OPFOR\Independent), BASE respawn in 20 seconds:

Seems to happen out of complete random, we had 40/40 server which ended like this in 10 minutes, after restart we agreed to do the test and I killed all players on map at once, nothing happened, mission ran well for many hours since. Later it kept happening randomly after different uptime times on other servers too.

Wasteland has in description.ext:

enableItemsDropping = 0;
joinUnassigned = 0;

Also onPlayerKilled.sqf and onPlayerRespawn.sqf, both empty and do nothing


It is happening in custom missions for sure (have not tested Included Missions)

Apparently it is happening in SaMatra's Wasteland and in our Jolly Roger Stratis Life.

I would upload our server files but we have a security system in place to prevent our mission from being taken (and do not want to publicly release that then here) as I am sure SaMatra has in place as well.

That being said I could send you either the files pertaining to just respawn or the PBO without the server security files.

EDIT: Ours was happening pretty frequently in BETA, I had seen it happen after 2-3 mins up to 30 mins. It was tested in pre-beta dev build with 25-45 players and it (maybe) only happened once in the over 24 hours that it was up.

I could send you either the files pertaining to just respawn or the PBO without the server security files.

No need, I downloaded SaMatra's Wasteland and will investigate the problem on it. Thanks for the offer.

BTW: To explain the problem - In Beta, we added automatic mission end when all players dies in a mission with limited respawn slots (GROUP or SIDE respawn). However, it seems it's being triggered also in missions with BASE respawns, which is incorrect.

Moricky, my mission code is obfuscated and client side mission lacks server side code, if you need full mission, I privately send you the sources.

OK so just so I am understanding this correctly, nothing I change in my server files could fix this issues since we have BASE respawns until a patch is issued. Correct?

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It happened on a simple Gun Game mission I created yesterday also with BASE respawns.

Hotfixed in today's dev branch. Could you please verify, I'm not 100% sure about the current solution.

Any possibility the hotfix could be applied to the non-dev branch? A lot harder to get a full server and replicate the issue on dev build.

Is there any further news on this? This is killing the MP experience.

25 hours of Wasteland uptime with dev version (rev. 106951), populated by players, no Mission Failed restarts yet, looks to be fixed in dev version but lets observe a bit more.

I just want to add my support for rolling this into the stable branch ASAP. It's really negatively affecting our Wasteland server, and I don't particularly want to advise everyone to change to the dev build branch.


Can we please roll out this Hotfix to Stable Branch. Just as the post above me states it is really negatively affecting out Stratis Life server and I also do not want to force every one over to DEV. I fail to see why a hot fix would not be ported over to stable branch when stable branch is broken in that respect. As far as I am seeing and hearing the hotfix on dev did solve the issue.

We tried adding an AI character to each side on our server, to see if that might help prevent the lose condition, but it doesn't. I'm out of ideas to try to get around the bug.

A hotfix for this issue on the stable branch would be greatly appreciated.

We have tested this on DEV build for over 6 hours with no issue and with 25-45 players. I can confirm that this issue is resolved. I can also say that dev build runs WAY better than stable build all around (less server lag, less server errors, no server crashes, etc).

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Hotfix stable build please

UPDATE: Have been testing on DEV build since 06-29 and still no issues like what was experienced on "Stable" build.

Thanks for the feedback, stable build pending.

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