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AI see through smoke.
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I threw a grenade towards an enemy AI, and it burst and covered the area in dust/debris for awhile, obscuring my view of the enemy. I stood up, and even though the enemy on the other side of the dust/smoke cloud could not see me and I could not see him, he shot me dead with one accurately placed shot.


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Put any player on the opposite side of a dust/smoke cloud of AI and proceed to get mowed down by seemingly infrared sighted AI.

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Arma 3 Beta .70

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Same problem for us especially when it is a vehicle even if it's not equipped with ir camera

In single player the AI will stop shooting if you go behind the smoke screen.
Might be a MP issue?

AI is not able to see through smoke. There was issue with wind synchronization in MP which caused that smoke was on different place for each player. Because of this it could seem that AIs are able to see through smoke. But even this issue should be already fixed.

Resolved as fixed.

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