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Ability to instantly disable VON whit specialties to Side and Global chat to not be bother by people screaming over the mics.
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Hey there,

So i was playing stratis life and these people kept yelling over Global.. now i could mute them but it would take away game time witch i dont want to lose. So i tought it would be cool to have a button in the Players tab in MP to dissable all the types of Communication indevidualy so you wont be botherd. Also a nice function that allows map makers to dissable this function on certain groups of people so that admins can communicate whit everonye on the server.

Kind regards,



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Duplicate of #6628

Hes talking about configure things from menu. enc enc ecn I am talking about 1 single button that makes everything a bit better.

definately, something like menu to control which chats are avaliable, On/Off

Yep nothing big just somthing small.

As I remember it was already implemented in ArmA 2, isn't it in ArmA 3 too? If yes, " open map ---> Players " and mute everyone individually

Yes as you just said mute people indevidually. WHen playing on servers with 200 people.. there is no beginning in mutting 1 by one.

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I'm utterly confused with the description of this bug, including attempted clarifications on follow-ups.

(Transferring from duplicate marked Bug #6628.)

he asks for mute 'channel' (as whole and each separately) settings ...

Now I understand it. So I imagine when there are 200 players, trying to find the player is a pain in order to mute. (ie. Similar to finding a player's nick to kick.)

A better and easier method would be to first get the "#userlist" command working so it pages instead of doing what Windows does best.

In other words, once "#userlist" command is issued, the command should display (or page) only the number of lines (of user names or nicks) and then pause with a prompt "press spacebar for more" or simply (more...). And then "#mute name".

However, I don't see them doing much with this as the function of muting by GUI can already be performed, aside with the minor issue of having to press shift-p. Likely something that will easily await ARMA 4? Shrugs.

Never mind this comment, just noticed the "PgUp" or "Page Up" scrolls upward after issuing "#userlist"!

I could see disabling channels causing issues with people note being able to understand others. While some people abuse chat, it can be quite useful. If such a feature was added, it would have to be able to be disabled by servers.

So this bug/issue is about disabling channels of VON chat? (ie. global, side, vehicle, group, ...)

I thought map makers or server administrators could already delete or disable such channels as global, side, group, vehicle channels, and create new channels?

I thought the reporter just wanted an easier method of muting somebody instead of scanning through the list of player names. (Might suggest somebody clarify the description? ;-)


I would also like to see the option to individually mute/disable a specific VON channel available ingame.

If there are several players talking all at the same time, it is very hard (impossible) to understand what is going on in your group or vehicle channel - and sometimes those are the channels that are important in some situations. It is a bit distracting hearing talk about the weather in the side channel and I would actually prefer to play the game instead of muting/unmuting players.

As a visual reference, it would also help to display a speaker icon for muted/unmuted with matching channel colours somewhere in the upper right/lower right corner of the screen.

Thank you!

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As I look at this issue again, yes players should have the ability to switch-off specific; global, side, group, ... channels. Almost any radio on the market today has this ability by default. However, most radios usually can only receive and transmit on one channel at a time! So as to why we're able to hear all five or six channels at once is obviously odd to me! Not only this, but in real life, people in possession of radios do have access to on and off buttons!

However, servers should not have the ability to enable or disable; global, side, group, ... channels or prevent players having access to these channels! The young people maintaining their servers would then quickly always deny access to almost every channel to every player as they think it looks realistic and cool. Most of us older players will then obviously loose interest. (ie. We already have mute buttons for this scenario with offenders, and it appears to be working very well. Just cannot utilize it the mute feature by groups, or it would be tedious similar to reducing Sound when getting in helicopters.)

This same solution here, I think was explained by me within Bug #4326, "Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE) integration". So this Bug #10272 would be a possible solution for Bug #4326. However, care must be taken as server administrators would easily abuse this. (Very likely why this possible solution hasn't been implemented as of yet!)

To bump and clarify this issue;

Instead of players being able to mute channels, it should be a feature where the core administrator can define an option in the missions Description.ext such as "disableVONChannels" which works just like "disableChannels" but obviously for voice instead.

RogerX; it's entirely up to the young people maintaining servers whether access should be granted or denied, it's up to you to find a server that doesn't do such ridiculous things.