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New Helicopters Door Opening/Closing
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The CH-49 Mohawk and the UH-80 Ghosthawk do not have the ability to close the doors from the inside. I have tested to see whether you have to be in the seat near the door or not but it doesn't matter which seat you are in. This feature needs to be added to open and close the doors. The Mi-48 Kajman has working doors that can be closed/open from inside or out, this feature should be added to these helicopters.

Also the PO-30 Orca does not have working back doors at all. I feel that since the ability to open these doors on the other NEW helicopters that it should be added to the older helicopters.

In addition on the Mohawk the back door/hatch should be able to open. The pilot/copilot and/or one of the passengers should be able to open this door. This would really be where the people would jump out when they are parachuting. In addition to this it would be awesome if the ability to move around inside the helicopter was possible. That way when you are ready to jump out you all stand up and when the hatch is open you can walk out w/o the need to click eject. This would also give the ability for people to shoot out the back hatch and doors to help cover fire.


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