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NLAW and RPG32 are the same weapon
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They have the same effective range, the same lock delay, even the same dispersion and zoom. And the same optics texture. They can both be reloaded indefinitely.

I even did tests and rockets will always fall to the exactly same spot even though RPG32's effective range should be 100m longer (700m vs. 600m for both in A3).

And judging by their entries in cfgWeapons and cfgAmmo they mirror each other in pretty much everything, even AI settings with the only notable difference being a hit value of 580 for RPG32 vs 550 for NLAW which is a difference of only 5%

This is not how it should be.


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NLAW should be weaker but lighter, especially now that Blufor has the Titan.

+1 Seriously BI this is just wrong...

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