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You can't throw a grenade to vehicles
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It's impossible to throw a grenade to any vehicle. For example: to the hull (i dont know if it's right word, i mean back place of Zamak with seats) of Zamak or Zamak Dump where people can sit.

UPDATED: With today update by Bohemia we can see same problem with Ifrit's door. However, thank you for new patch, because it's looks like awesome anyway :) {F20251}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create Zamak or Zamak Dump
  2. Try to throw grenade to the hull

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Im pretty sure none of the vehicles can have anything thrown inside them currently. Helis aswell as all ground vehicles. Id like to have this ability aswell though.

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Would be fun to throw grenade to UH-80 and close the doors :D

I agree I would love to ambush a truck and before they react frag the back of a vehicle transport or some such, hence why I think animated doors and hatches,etc should be implemented.

I changed problem, now it's for all vehicles.

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Up voted. I wouldn't mind an action command to drop a grenade inside a vehicle when able (like when the vehicle is unlocked and you want to blow it up but are our of charges).

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Openable doors are being temporarily removed (until post-release).

Closing, since this is no longer relevant.