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It is good to put in all units from Europe so everyone can decide for his country.


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No. Just no.

Another idea to this would be have the user select his nationality from the profile customization screen and have the flag displayed on his uniform.then, create a randomization item(like the face and voice already are)for a nationality. i have noticed that all heo pilots are US...the reason there should be a nationality tab is because it is a NATO task force using the same camo for each unit.


Yes, that's a lot better that what the OP suggested because just creating every country's unit would be time consuming.


Have a look a this and this .

AD, not only that, but also, this game is in Beta, and in the Editor Flags you could see flags for most of the european countries

@Dr Death

So, what's your point?

@vryoffbtdrummr: Make a ticket for that, good idea.


Vryoffbtdrummr already made a ticket for that.

AD, what i meant its that even if they add other NATO or European armies, they are of course not gonna be here because this is barely an BETA

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There won't be any more factions before release other than the ones they are already making.