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helicopter interior RED lighting (at night)
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i was wondering if it would be possible to implement interior lighting (at night) in the transport helicopters(all - military)

i have attached couple of photos to explain more :) {F20196}


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look at the attached photo and imagine like a red chem light effect! :D
maybe it can sync with the other lights so when engaged they turn off?

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Good idea! Passengers or aircrew should be able to activate it as well.

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thought it would bring a lot more feeling of combat :)

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This should be override by the pilot at all times and IF nav/collision lights are off then interior lighting should not be available other than IF the pilot explicitly turns it on.

In real life red light would only really be used earlier in the mission and you would expect it to be off at lest >10mins before getting out into combat, also where there is no full bulkhead between the pilots and passenger compartment invariably only the pilot/co-pilot can activate cabin lighting as it directly effects their ability to see out of the windows in real life.

So can’t vote up or down, as the idea is not a bad one in its self, but it’s the implementation that could make it bad IF not done with a little thought trying to capture an “essence” of real life constraint.

just thought it would make things more lively :)

even if the cabin was lit up even a smidge to be honest

Only if it can be turned off.

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If a cabin light were to be incorporated PLEASE do NOT let it be RED!!! Red is one of the worst (brightest) colors on NVGs. As a real life helicopter crew chief, you have to maintain light discipline so that you don't have a reflection off of the windscreen and blind the pilots. If it's implemented, please leave the option to turn it off. We almost NEVER turn on the cabin lights in flight (especially when there is the possibility of an enemy threat) and if we do it's blue or green.

dont mind if its not red :)

just thought it would bring that military feeling to the flight, not just staring into nothing as you cant see anything

even if its a little lamp not asking to light the island up with it lol.

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