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Add AP and AT missiles for the Titan non compact variant.
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Right now, the compact titan launcher can only fire AT and AP missiles, while the longer non-compact titan can only fire AA missiles.

I can understand why the compact launcher can't fire AA missiles, as they need a lot of fuel and have a high range, but having two different launchers lowers the flexibility of using the titan.

I suggest adding AT and AP missiles for the non-compact titan launcher, that would have a higher range and allow for switching between AA and AG quickly. The downside to this would be the increased weight of those missiles.


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Unfortunately im against, it will create a situation on mp servers where a guy with titan will be both anti-tank and anti-air, now at least you have to think a bit, what might be more useful. Btw, the at/ap and aa might have also different dimensions so using them in non-compact titan might be impossible.

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It's already the situation with the RPG-42, which is also smaller and more compact. I think it can be balanced by mission editors by limiting the available missile launcher versions.

I'm not suggesting to use the current AT/AP missiles who fit in the compact titan, I'm suggesting to create a bigger version of those missiles that can only fit in the non-compact titan. (With the same dimensions as the AA missile)

Byku added a comment.Jun 24 2013, 6:26 PM

Then what will be the purpose of the compact version?

@Byku: Maybe it should just be a lot lighter and easier to carry.This
would make the compact much more suitable for smaller teams to carry over distance, while the non-compact is heavy but is capable of engaging aircraft and vehicles (maybe at longer range), this would make it more of a crew served weapon.

Also: AP and AT missiles should be the same size in a backpack and non-compact rounds should be massive so that the load must be spread across the team.

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According to the ingame guide. The Titan non-compact version is actually supposed to be able to fire AT missiles

Nice ticket name...... i also think that only 50 shots for a big giant APC its way too little

i think it is reasonable to think that the big version could fire the large AA-missiles as well as the smaller AT and HE missiles, while the compact variant could only fire the shorter missiles.

This would be logical from a realism point of view. gameplay and balancing wise this could always be tweaked by the mission maker in many ways. consider that there is also a dedicated non-guided at-launcher, which gives the titan some special weapon status in either way.

i did not vote, because i don't want to argue with the pvp-people;)

be nice!

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