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Gunner in Heli (having fly controls): add capability in autohover to use gun
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If you are Gunner in a heli and have fly controls, climb
up, turn on autohover, then release controls, the heli automatically
starts falling to the ground.

why this?

i think the heli should stay in its position.

if this would work, you could use all the weapons, as they
are made for, just with only one man in a two-seated chopper.

for example: if the pilot is dead, with the actual system you can't
really fight back with all the weapons.


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I think reproducibility should be "always". Every time I set auto hover as gunner and then select "release controls", the heli will always go nose down and start falling

i did not check it myself, but yes, if the gunner has flight control, he should have the possibility to use "auto-hover".
should be added!

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Tried that myself and was surprised that you can't hover and use manual fire.

Not sure if it's a bug or a feature to prevent 1 man being able to fly effectively a 2 man chopper.

I think it's not a bug, in fact... IMHO, autohover is not some "hover autopilot" (which most of helicopters don't have - think of MH-6/MH-9 or Mi-8, which have very basic electronics), it's a simulation of the pilot maintaining hover manually - to help newbie players.
OFC, if the gunner (who is in control) releases the handle, he will no longer be able to maintain hover.

And yes, this also goes a long way to prevent solo piloting, which is good.

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I agree with DarkWanderer.

This is a must, since AI pilots when in combat just start to fly back and forward like idiots.

I think this should be incorporated as well as removing ability to jump from pilot to copilot seat in-flight.

@DarkWanderer the game is set in the future and you would expect every aircraft to have advanced avionics (electronic systems)

Strongly require this feature. It is required for singleplayer missions. I know some people think that it hurts multiplayer because it potentially gives one player a fully functional gunship. However, being Arma, such a feature could be selectively turned off if the multiplayer missions/ mods need it so.

Ama has an amazing helicopter setup and it is the primary attraction to many people who use it. I would say that the lack of hover for the gunner when releasing controls is the only feature lacking that makes it fall short of fun heli sims like Apache Air Assault and even more advanced sims like Black shark.

Add the feature please!!

(should also disclose that I accidentally made a duplicate vote in separate accounts)