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May 10 2016

shills86 added a comment to T68329: Gunner in Heli (having fly controls): add capability in autohover to use gun.

Strongly require this feature. It is required for singleplayer missions. I know some people think that it hurts multiplayer because it potentially gives one player a fully functional gunship. However, being Arma, such a feature could be selectively turned off if the multiplayer missions/ mods need it so.

Ama has an amazing helicopter setup and it is the primary attraction to many people who use it. I would say that the lack of hover for the gunner when releasing controls is the only feature lacking that makes it fall short of fun heli sims like Apache Air Assault and even more advanced sims like Black shark.

Add the feature please!!

(should also disclose that I accidentally made a duplicate vote in separate accounts)

May 10 2016, 3:51 AM · Arma 3