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Helicopters feel weightless, magnetize to the ground
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Helicopters feel generally weightless when taking off, flying, and landing.

Once your helicopter starts up and you hold Q, it accelerates into the air at quite a unrealistic speed. Once you're in the air, you can perform outrageous air acrobatics. Once you lose control, after you've performed several backflips and barrel rolls 50m above the ground, you can simply level out and hold Q and you'll take right off back into the air. It seems as if the helicopters have very little weight and the rotors have way too much thrust.

While landing helicopters they still stick to the ground as long as you hold Z. While landing a Little Bird at 80kmh+, the skids will stick to the ground and attempt to stop you in place, but you will usually frontflip. I submitted an issue about this a few months ago and it got accepted and supposedly fixed, but it isn't. It shouldn't matter how much down collective you do, metal skids + concrete should cause it to slide. This has the same affect with wheeled helicopters. While landing your wheeled helicopter at any speed over 70kmh, regardless of how carefully you touch down, your engine breaks. If you just hold Z down while landing everything breaks and you either explode or frontflip and explode. The wheels on wheeled helicopters aren't actually wheels. They seem like just a static bit that's just attached to the helicopter for show as they don't actually turn or actually like a wheel should in any way.

I managed to get the "Orca" in a 280kmh bank turn 30m above the ground. I simply just flew at maximum speed and banked and held S. I could stay in the turn for as long as I could hold the key, whereas a normal helicopter would have fell out of the sky doing a bank turn that extreme.

I'm not usually one to complain about such thing, but helicopters are quite a big part of Arma and to see them perform in such an arcade manner is rather disappointing. I have played the series since OFP and I have enjoyed the realistic aspect, that realistic aspect that I loved seems to be going down the toilet in Arma 3.


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Fly a helicopter, perform ridiculous acrobatics

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My old issue about helicopters sticking to the ground:

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The "collective down landing" issue is probably due to the way collective is implemented: it's merely a force that depends on the key you press, so my guess is that when you land while pressing Z, that force will stick the helicopter to the ground, which is indeed not the way it should be.

I'm not entirely against extreme banks, as people will complain that they "keep falling out of the sky", but it does look extreme.

As for AA, I can see the radar blinking, but there is no alarm sound, which makes it difficult to react in time to deploy flares.

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What helicopter are you talking about exactly? I just tried all blueforce helo's 55m and wound up faceplanting in both loops and rolls.


Yeah, I figured that's what the issue is too, regarding collective.

The extreme banking is ridiculous. I was able to hold an outrageously tight 280kmh bank turn at literally 30m. I wasn't decreasing in speed or altitude, I was also holding just S, no collective or anything. Just pure pitch up.

I didn't even notice my radar blinking when I was messing about earlier. I just tested it now and it does indeed blink, however I have to be staring right at it to notice it.


The little bird style ones. I might have been over exaggerating, as I was not looking at my altimeter. I was quite low however.

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The lock-on warning part is already covered in 0009890.

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Missing AA lock on warning is reported here: #9890

Removed that part of the ticket.

Helicopters have been tweaked heavily since; keyword 'helicopter beta physics' (can be bothered to find the other ticket now.