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Make the ability to turn lights off and on INSIDE vehicles.
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Just like in real life, inside all vehicles, the player should be-able to turn on/off lights INSIDE it. It would be just like a menu for current lights on/off, but would say "inside lights on/off" So when its a night mission and you're transporting a team in an APC, Helicopters, or any transport vehicle, the lights that are ALREADY inside the vehicles can be turned on/off.

This would be a highly realistic and offer help to those who do not have night vision because you simple can not throw a chem-light inside a car and drive.


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1.Get into a vehicle,
2.when in driver seat, press CTRL+L and the lights inside the vehicle turn on.
3.When in driver seat, press CTRL +L and the lights inside the vehicle turn off.
4.When in driver seat, use scroll when to select menu, "turn lights inside on/off"

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Someone finally suggests this, this is something that is been bothering me since ARMA 2. For example I can't drive a SUV with Night Vision goggles on because the "inside" lights makes me see everything bright.
Please fix this in ARMA 3!

They could even add a separate hotkey. Default for lights is L. Inside lights could be CTRL + L.

Please include steps to reproduce.

For Dave Zember, there you go, Taking what BogatyrVoss said, and turning it into a hot key + menu button

I like the idea. There should also be an option available when scrolling to turn on/off the interior and exterior lights separately.

It should be assinged :(