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MRCO should have diffirent reticle.
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Green Army Combat Optic have same reticle,as Red Army optics.May be create another reticle for this optic?

May be Elcan SpecterDR 1x-4x reticle?

Just my IMO.


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The reticle you posted is actually what SHOULD be in the OPFOR ARCO, the MRCO looks to be based off the Valdada Pitbull (same design and markings) which uses this reticle:

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Yeah,know that ARCO looking like SpecterDR.Well no matter,just make some diversity if it possible.

They got the original reticle in the files but sadly they not using it - it would be better with that reticle

Well RH - this is dev yet.Hope see this in beta,or final.

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