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Mi-48 Kajman's copilot seat has no "Take controls" option or flight controls
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All helicopters and aircraft in A3 have a "Take controls" option for the co-pilot/gunner(when there's no (alive) pilot), that allows him to control the aircraft's movement. This includes the attack chopper Ah-99 Blackfoot. However, the gunner position of the Mi-48 Kajman (both black and camo version) doesn't have a Take controls option.

EDIT: Apparently the developers did not model flight controls for the copilot's seat and this is why this option is not available.
However, for the sake of balance(see the above and below text) it should be added, it is a fictional helicopter after all.

This option is pretty important if the pilot of the heli dies/disconnects, or if you want to fly solo. (Since using manual fire as a pilot, doesn't let you lock your weapon systems onto targets, if you don't have an AI as a gunner, made a ticket about it:


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The gunner position in the MI-48 has no cyclic/collective controls. The gunner taking control makes no sense because he has no way to control the aircraft.

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Yes it does, since it has an AH-64 design..*cringes*....the cyclic is stowed away under the gunner optics with the collective in the same location as the pilots, left of the seat though it may be blocked by the arms.

EDIT: Just examined it further and with some head rolling discovered that they did in fact NOT include the cyclic despite it being there

Then again it shouldn't be apache anyway...gawd I hope that is indeed a placeholder, can't get into the feel of killing capitalist infidel pigs when I'm cruising around in capitalist equipment.

So perhaps a ticket should be issued on its authenticity instead..can't kill capitalist infidels when I'm cruising around with capitalist equipment.

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I've changed the ticket to be a feature request instead, the Mi-48's copilot seat should have flight controls and a 'take controls' option for the sake of balance.

(Its advantages over the Blackfoot are its passenger cargo capacity and 30mm chain gun versus 20mm, its disadvantages are higher profile/size, less agility, no air to air missiles, a much smaller amount of air to ground missiles compared to the Blackfoot, and overall I think it has more disadvantages than advantages.)

The Mi-48 and the AH-60 are completely different vehicles, and i highly doubt the apache can be used with just a gunner

The AH-64 Apache can be controlled by either the pilot or the gunner, both of them have flight controls.(
The same is true for the AH-99 Blackfoot.

The Mi-48, at this moment does not, but it's a fictional helicopter and I think that its copilot position should have access to flight controls.

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The Mi-48 is the Mi-28 Havoc IRL, so it's not a fictional helicopter.

the AH-99 its the AH-66 comanche, not a fictional helicopter, just alike the TRG-20, maybe the MX, and the AH-9, most of the names in the game are (sadly) Placeholders

arziben added a subscriber: arziben.May 7 2016, 2:43 PM

@AD2001 actually it's not the mi 28 at all even though it looks a lot like it

I believe it's just a modified version or something. The nose and wings are completely the same.

AD, arma 3 is FILLED UP with strange placeholders anyway

What do you mean?

"TRG-20/21" its a TAR-21, most of the helicopters....... ALL of the helicopters have placeholders names (even the UH-80 wich its just a stealth UH-60, no changed name for the variant), the green army pistol its a M1911A1, EBR is an M14, etc.

Those aren't placeholders. Do you know what a placeholder is? And EBR is the M14 EBR, it's a real life rifle. Unfortunately, in the Beta it has been renamed to "M18 ABR".

The kajiman uses an apache cockpit, it is an EASTERN helicotper using a WESTERN cockpit, a havoc with HOPE it is a placeholder, if not just...Arma 1's armines was one thing but THIS...a helicopter is a demonstration of a countries power, an eastern, especially Russian vehicle would NEVER use an AMERICAN feeling interior.

M18 EBR it is a placeholder then, i mean name placeholder, and yes, TRG its a placeholder, MH9 is it too

Isn't a placeholder supposed to be a temporary name for something until they come up with an actual name? I thought the KA-60 and EBR were placeholders.

KA-60 and MK14 EBR (alpha) were not placeholders, they were real, google them, however, H-9, UH-80, TRG, MX, APD, they are all placeholders, and i doubt why did they added the AH-66 (AH-99 its also a placeholder) comanche to the game, if the chopper proyect was refused at the 90's

Again, aren't placeholders temporary names?

yes, they are, but i fear they may NOT be temporary......

Well, that's what I've been saying the whole time. Those aren't temporary names. The KA-60 and EBR were temporary names. The PO-30 Orca and M18 ABR are permanent names.

that's sad, i though BIS would care more about realism than wasting money in copyright, it was not good when they removed the seagull as spectator, but now they dont want to make vehicles or weapons named just like in real life

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The helicopter mi-48 is a mi28 composes and composes ka52. These helicopters have a backup system of all the elements of any of the crew members can take control of the helicopter as well as fire control. Besides these helicopters are the safest in the world. Therefore, all the arguments in favor of the lack of opportunity to take control of the gunner mi-48 in their hands are not valid. Hopefully this will be fixed in no time.

I dont think Mi-48 needs to have a take over controls. It seems to be a combination of three helicopters. Cockpit design of Mi-28 which has no flight controls in gunners position as far as i looked. Twin Rotor systems of Ka-52. And Troop transport hull capabilities of mi-24.

Cockpit sources:

So its working as it should.

While that is the Mi-28 and the Mi-28N would be more accurate, it appears that event he night hunter does not have a cyclic for the cpg.

This is what the collective would be for the cpg

But in comparison to the pilots collective it doesn't look movable

That would mean the cpg could NOT raise or lower the aircraft so what would be the point of piloting....but we are using the apache cockpit which does have the same collective and cyclics in both crew stations so whatever. Even so it would be strange to steer the aircraft while holding the weapon handgrips.

At the moment, the gunner can control the helicopter Mi-28 in the modification of Mi-28UB. In 2015 there will be vypusheno new helicopter Mi-28NM which also can control the helicopter gunner. It is logical to assume that the Mi-48 should also be the opportunity. In the Mi-35, too, by the way.

@Dr Death:
This takes place in 2035...have some sense...weapons are updated, created and modified. Its a new war...its new technology...and better yet, ITS FICTIONAL.
Going back a few posts, the TRG-21 is the IMI Tavor TAR-21,the TRG-20 is the MTAR-21. The MX series is based off of the Bushmaster ACR.The Katiba is based off of the Iranian KH2002"Khaybar". the M18 ABR is based off of the M14 EBR. the PO-30 Orca is based off the Ka-60. The Mi-48 combines the Mi-28 and the Ka-52.

You forgot it also combines the apache.

No, it does not combines the apache, and vryo, TRG-20 and TRG-21 are both TAR-21, just that one of them is short barreled and the other one is long barreled.

All of your examples are from either prototypes or existing guns, so nothing in there is fictional, humans believe evolution its gonna be faster than it actually is, in the 50' people though we would be traveling to mars in 4 minutes before 1990, and barely anything changed.

Its stupid to make something fictional, add it to the game, make it somehow better than the real life version and say "Oh, ITZ BEACUZ ITZ 2035, IT GUT UPGRADED, ITZ RUEALIZTIK".

In most of the armies of the world they got plans for equipment for most of the years, or at least up to 2040 or 2030. "FUTURE" its not an excuse for fictional.

for those who do not understand. at the moment the gunner has the ability to control the helicopter mi-28ub, mi-35, ka-52. those helicopters that make up the mi-48, and to deny it does not make sense. This is not about the future, it is on these helicopters now.

@ Dr death, when the cockpit instruments and design are that of an apache, it combines an apache.

@NodUnit Yeah, it also has wheels, doesnt mean Mi-48 has to enter f-1 championship 2035.

Avionics actually look similar and they have no business to be so. What the hell.

Similar? You mean exact. In fact if you open the air pbo you can see that the AH-64D cockpit texture from Operation Arrowhead is there.

The subject rings my nerves for three main reasons.

  1. Eastern style helicopter with Western, US replica (would never happen)
  1. The fantasy future setting offers them a chance to get away from all cockpits of reality and create their own, I was actually gunning for it and excited to see what the inside looked like.

It didn't have to even be Russian, could have been something completely brand new, I would have adored that..instead there is a MASSIVE disconnect because you have a helicopter, combination of all things Russian and then BAM...US cockpit.

It's my passion for helicopters that causes these feelings without a doubt, but this would be akin to seeing an apache with a havoc cockpit, or a hip with a blackhawk and so on.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.