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Uncontrollable Recoil with Vermin (Vector) whilst suppressor is attached
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Huge ammount of recoil is added to the Vermin SMG when you add a suppressor


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equip a vermin with suppressor and fire, then try without it

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Also the recoil is much higher when you're firing in semi or burst firing modes.

Same also goes for the Scorpion

.45 ACP produced 90% less muzzle climb and 60% less felt recoil than the MP5 firing 9mm ammunition

Echo6_9 added a subscriber: Echo6_9.May 7 2016, 2:43 PM

The "Vermin" completely lacks recoil in fully automatic without the suppressor! +1

The question is only, which is the desired result? Vermin without suppressor (no muzzle-climb, almost no recoil), or Vermin with suppressor?

The most recent news say that "recoil has been added" to SMG's which is a nice thing (i haven't tried yet-i hope it isn't much recoil after all..)

The use of a silencer should reduce further the recoil.(x - recentlyAddedRecoil)

So Yes..the SMG's should have *some recoil at least but the use of a silencer must reduce it further-compared to un-suppresed version. (*on all modes:semi-burst-auto)

Actually, the recoil on the silenced vermin is what it should be. The utter lack of recoil in fully automatic mode is the bug, and will be/has been fixed in the next dev build.

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