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OPFOR Infantry helmets are not ergonomic, need cosmetic redesigns to "match" animations and models.
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OPFOR helmets look awesome. I love how futuristic the HUD system looks sitting above the eyes in panels, but it is too awkward to be used in a realistic manner and the animations (along with the visual design of other models) support this claim.

The optical "viewpoint"/feed for the HUD pieces would have to be received from some sort of camera. Such a camera can be seen to the left of the helmet. That being said, any form of vision "modifier" (Night Vision, Binoculars, aiming through aid of scope/sights) uses the default animations, which places the object over the eyes/HUD pieces. Such technology would be deemed "redundant" and useless, and no military group would ever want to spend the money on such a product.

Worse still, the camera feed would be coming from the left side of the user's head, which would give a perpetual "out of body"-esque viewpoint. To aim with iron sights or scopes, one would have to position the weapon to the left of their face (with the camera) in order for the user to even see the weapon, as the HUD pieces are opaque and appear to cover the entire eye.

As such; rifle sights, binoculars and NV would have to be "enhancements" or attachments to the HUD camera system, further complicating animations as well as demanding redesigns to several aspects to OPFOR's aesthetics (about every single weapon would have to have cosmetic changes, for starters). The easiest solution to this problem would be to redesign the helmet with either more ergonomic HUD pieces, or without them altogether.

There are other added benefits to a redesign, as well.

ARMA is a war simulator. War is more than just shooting enemies, it is also filled with drama and humanity. While OPFOR does look cool, covering the eyes loses the humanism behind OPFOR. They are soldiers, just like BLUFOR. While "dehumanizing" the enemy is a preferred goal in the visual design of a FPS, ARMA is better than that. When taking screenshots, I find it very challenging to make a scene that can make the observer 'empathize' with OPFOR, and I know I am not the only one who faces similar difficulty.

As such, I believe there is wasted (emotional) potential in the current OPFOR character model, and I humbly request alternate helmet designs to the OPFOR character model.
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Unsure how to upload multiple photos to a report, so I made this one screencap illustrating multiple redundancies operating at the same time. NV Goggles over opaque HUD pieces while looking into the Red Dot portion of the combat sights should illustrate how numerous these redundancies can be, especially when the feed for these HUD pieces is coming from the camera clearly visible on the helmets left "temple/cheek".

EDIT- Uploading multiple photos is possible after sending initial report, sent others to illustrate inconsistencies.

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Vespa added a comment.Jul 30 2013, 1:34 PM

Retracted the eyepieces, thats the best I can do for now.

They look better this way, with retracted eyepieces.

That they do. Retracting the eyepiece retraction is the easiest (and that usually means the best) fix, as no animation changes are needed and very little effort is required.

Thank you for having this issue fixed. If I had the ability to close my tickets, I would have done so when the fix was first applied.

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.