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Marksman Optic Sight
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IRL in NATO marksmans always have better optics,that infantry.Here they got same optic as infantry.BLUFOR even worse - both DMR and Assault Rifle have same caliber(Almost same characteristics as infantry weapon).
Also good idea to put there SOS,but they are calibrated for heavy calibers,and useless with DMRs.
My idea is to create SOS little brother for DMRs - MOS(Marksman Optic Sight?) or MAOS(Marksman Advanced Optic Sight?).It must have more magnification that HAMR and ARCO,but less that SOS.


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A few IRL photos with diffirence of scopes.
A Rifleman optic and rifle -
A Marksman optic and same,but matched rifle -

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There will be some thats for sure but maybe only in final - not sure in beta

btw here in old Gamecon video you can see the COWS optic - which basicly is like marksman scope

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Marksmen typically have scopes with less than 6x magnification. Just a few NATO countries that I know for certain:
US Army SAM-R: 4x ACOG
British Army L129A1: 4x ACOG
Belgian Army AI AW: 6x Leupold
Austrian Army Steyr AUG HBAR-T: 4x ACOG or 3.5x ELCAN
German Army G3A3: 4x Hensholdt
Former combloc: 4x PSO

So sorry, but you're completely wrong. Designated marksmen *do use* the type of scopes that are currently in-game. /downvoted

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SAM-R - Leupold's Mark 4 M3 3-9 x 36 mm MR/T,also simple DMR pre SAM-R concept was called SDM-R.And they was failed AFAIK.
L129A1 - Trijicon ACOG TA648 sight x6 magnification.
Belgian - have no idea,to lazy to lurk.
Austrian - to lazy to lurk.
German - HK417.Same scope as on SAM-R.Also G3SG1,but scope is diffirent.
Soviet - yes,PSO-1,cuz project to create 3-8x scope was failed in well,to lazy to lurk something like 1970th years.

Can you show some prooflinks?I can,if needed.

Yes, I was wrong about the SAM-R, dot it confused with the SDM-R. The point is still valid: designated marksmen often use x4 and x6 scopes, with some exceptions. I'm also confused by your original post, that marksmen have better optics than infantry.

This is a strange statement since 1) marksmen *are* infantry and 2) most other squad/section members do not have magnified optics (except the occasional 1.5x-1.6x scope) in most NATO countries.

Why do you feel the current scopes are not suited enough for marksmen? Do you suggest 8x or 10x scopes?

According to the description stringtables in the Arma 3 config, the standard ARCO and HAMR infantry optics are supposed to represent 12x magnification, and the SOS is supposed to represent 10x-85x Magnification.

If this is the case, the default rifle optics in game already have a fairly significant magnification factor beyond typical real-world infantry optics (which tend to be around 3.4x to 4x), and are comparable to the low-magnification settings on the game's sniper optics.

@da12thMonkey - this scopes much likely 3.4x and 4x that 12x.

p00d73.Still wrong.
Marksman - trained soldier in squad to shooting at at long ranges like 600-800 meters.They always have much advanced optic,that riflemans(all rest infantry classes) near.This is not sniper,they're not trained enough.

1)Russia - АК-74М no optic / SVD PSO-1
2)US(2003 year) - M16A2 or Modern M4 with Aimpoints CompM2 / SDM-R(x4) and M21(x3-x9 afaik)
3)US(Modern) - M4 ACOG x4 and Aimpoints / SAM-R,M21,M14 EBRs all use x3-x9 or x3-x10 or x3-x12 scopes.
4)German army(Modern) - G36A1,G36A2(x4+holosight) / HK417(G28 codename) with x3-x10(Afaik)
5)British army(modern) - SA80(AcogX4+Docter holosight) / L129A1 - Acog x6.

In Dev version - SOS works well now with 6.5 caliber.Now this feedback is pointless.Or not?

SOS works in 7.62 ammo until 700/800 meters after that the bullet loses efficiency

In 6.5 didn't yet made the ballistics test with the steel targets

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