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before spawn gear choice
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It would be nice if there is a option to choose your gear before spawning. With a nice UI.


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This has been suggested several times, but it has been rejected because of the specific roles that someone picks on the start of the mission. For example, if you pick a marksman you can't just take a carryall backpack and 5 satchels.

Technically a gear selection is already in the game, there are several scripts making it possible to chose your equipement before respawning.

This is more for own scripting and not to "improve" gameplay in ArmA sorry voting down since this is something the community has to script them self..

^ this

oh, all them casuals

It would be nice for missionmakers to give players the option to choose their gear based on their role, however there are already enough scripts available which can do this.

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Already possible, just depends on the mission maker.

No change required.