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Issues with overviewText parameter in description.ext file for editing missions
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Two problems I have found in regards to editing description.ext

  1. overviewText seems to override onLoadMission text. So in effect if you want overviewText then you won't be able to have a different, shorter description for your loading screen as it will just be the same as the overviewText. The same doesn't apply to the picture.
  2. overviewText seems to be limited to a low number of characters - far less than would fill the overview box even if on large UI. Anything over a certain character count just gets truncated.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. create a mission
  2. create description.ext in the mission folder
  3. enter the following lines


  1. Save your mission to a pbo file. Launch the missinon and both the overview and loading text will display abcde
  2. Try writing a long overviewText section and you will notice that upon trying the mission A3 has truncated it despite having lots of room in the description box.

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I noticed these same issues yesterday, and it's slightly annoying since you cannot use the overview.html anymore either.

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Solved by Eden Editor.

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