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Prone Aiming Unrealistically Accurate and overpowered (Almost no gun sway)
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Prone aiming produces almost no gun sway for any weapon. This makes scoped rifles very overpowered and too easy to aim at long distances. This, in turn, makes scoped weapons very unbalanced against non-scoped weapons and encourages camping. It detracts from realism and fun.

*Prone position should have higher gun sway and reduced accuracy for all weapons, but still more accurate than crouched shooting.
*Scoped weapons should have a slightly higher rate of sway due to added weight on the weapon.

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I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as "overpowered" or "underpowered" in Arma games. The "Balance" is up to the maker of the mission, not the devs.

The part of the dev team devoted to balance, called Task Force Balance, balances AI with players and nothing else.

its good as it is. nothing needs to be changed

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i dont see how scoped weapons should have more sway, and your name is "The Black Ghost".

just close this ticket, please......

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it is perfect the way it is, with scoped weapons there is enough sway imo

You dont understand the mindset of ArmA at all. Go play BF4 for "balanced" guns. IRL ranged weapons are always better.

There is balancing in EVERY game, even simulators, which Arma 3 is about as close to as it can get. Currently, it is not realistic at all. When you go into prone, your gun doesn't automatically get easier to aim UNLESS YOU USE A GUN REST! Right now, you just go prone and magically long-range shots get really easy. Where's the skill in that? Or the realism?

It is sad to see that people do not understand this.

There is no balancing in this game, both sides will be asymmetrical. Arma is the civilian version of VBS2 which is sold to NATO. The balancing done in the game is for AI versus player. Gun bipods do not exist yet either, they are comming after release. The devs have said many times that "natural balance" comes when you model the game after real life. This game is not soley based on TDM or PVE. If you don't like the scopes, remove them from the mission. Balance is done by the mission maker, not BIS.

This is not a game to argue that something does not take enough skill, a jet will always easily destroy an entire base, while vehicles will decimate infantry.

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