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No EAX/Environment audio in the game!
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Game sound engine, lacks on features like echoes/reverberation applied real time on ingame audio. There is no difference, if you are shooting in the woods, in the city or in a room - all sounds literarry the same!
Also it doesn't matter, at what distance the player hears a firefight, 10 meters or 100, only the loudness reduces, no filtering applied at all.

Currently, all the echoes/reverbs are recorded within the audio sample, which doesn't sound natural at all, and can cause sound distortion.

Some of arma 2 mods, had already advanced audio system implemented, like H.A.R.C.P

Videos from that mod:

J.S.R.S. includes distance audio script, and indoor reverb.

Video, that shows distant script in action

Video, that shows indoor reverberation script


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I couldn't agree more. I am sure you are aware of this, but Sound and Audio are of high importance and could make or break a real gaming experience. So far (maybe because it is still alpha) the audio & sound-effects are not rich in colour.

The sound engine and features are quite linear and 'bland' at most times. Like the author said, there are no differences in audio quality and richness when characters are in different environments and surroundings.

Hope this could be fixed because it would create such an immerse experience to an already impressive gaming display.

+1 couldn't agree more.

Rolling added a subscriber: Rolling.May 7 2016, 2:34 PM

The game really needs this, I have already noticed helicopters are quieter when you are inside a building, so I don't see why they couldn't change the sounds for guns based on location as well :D

Upvoted. ARMA 3's audio customization options are very limited right now.

I'll post what was written on BIS forum by me on "Audio Tweaking" topic:

Before going to beta there was an update to sound engine with doppler and occlusion and even without doppler being fixed occlusion effect on gunshots sounded very promising.

I hope that it is possible for audio engine to PP the sound samples not only for doppler, occlusion but also terrain/building/tree or any given object reverbering and simulating the soundwave being reflected off the buildings and trees... If this could overload CPU then this could be an option in Audio-tab menu which lacks adjustability anyway.

Recorded samples with reverb attached to them can became boring, simulating reverbation/echoing could give us bilions or so different sounds. Just one sample that can sound so much different in different environments. It is possible by scripting so for sure it is possible in the engine:

With stereo sounds it should be possible to simulate positional reverb/sound reflecting/echoing. It definitely would improve the soundscape, giving it sense and depth of space in environment plus mentioned before possibility of bilions different sound results. With doppler, occlusion effect and mentioned above this sound engine would became really POWERFUL.

I have to agree. In A2 the audio samples were far from perfect mostly, but at least the distance filtering was implemented quite good (explosion's, chopper's sounds etc.) But modern hardware could allow more features, even few years ago EAX could demonstrate interesting features as reverberation and echoes. To bad EAX technology is not supported many years.
I understand that BI is not a very big developement studio, but in my opinion such effects as reverb can be added to A3 quite easily. Say. There could be few zones (triggered areas) or objects (such as buildings) in Arma 3, those may have an attribute, which return a value to a sound engine, what kind of area it is - closed or opened environment. The rest will do the filters and sound FX. I believe in Bc2, BF3 and BF4 works same principle, with an addition of bigger variety of sound samples.

yep, BF sound engine wise, is a perfect example, how it CAN be done.

Video presentation of EAX in Halo:

Raven Shield:

Americas Army:

EAX comparison in Thief 2, Mafia and Jedi Outcast:

bottom line is: it would be beneficial for BIS to create their system with EAX possibilities that could be used and further improved in next titles. Dynamic audio system that works on its own would be the best choice. Things that are solely missing is dynamic echo and reverbation - and would be next step in development to add after distance filters, 3d sound positioning, doppler and occlusion effect.

Especially 3d sound positioning for echo would sound neat.

Absolutely criminal that this has to be voted and is not stock! BIS wake up and get this done.

Too bad that EAX is hardware - only. Looking for the future (and present)good move for BIS would be to develop their own decent audio system. Of course they could go with 3rd party program they could not understand or fix it if necessary, but developing their own sound system with capables of EAX or even more - could be deployed standalone in the future for other game developers - so they could get money from it too - two roasts broiled on one fire :)

Agree, sound is very important. Nothing like a good sound mod to make you hit the ground when you get shot at or feel like you are in a war when you hear distant shot noises and such. Here is another example were the sound changes over range dynamically.

A2 Mod: Symphony of War 2

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TPenn added a comment.Jul 7 2013, 2:26 AM

dare we suggest implementing head-related transform functions?

Taking into consideration BF4 sound environment as example of good sounding engine. Sounds outside building are different than inside building with echo not being overdone, outside sounds being obstructed by the building, giving nice, cold feel to the sounds inside building (no furniture just empty rooms) and meaning to the outside sounds, especially gunshots. Way the engine generates distant shots is great too. Can't be sure about echo and reverbation but it doesnt sound like any flat-recorded wavetail but much more lifelike. There are mods in progress for A2 that make possible dynamic rev/echo by scripts. For starter BIS could add different classes for urban, airfield, fields, forests, ocean, indoor for reverb and system for echo that would calculate distance from reciever to environmental terrain, forest, buildings and play echo soundfiles. Positional reverb and echo is important. Or make everything dynamic. Last is the best.

Notice the slight echo/reverbation off nearby buildings at 08:36
08:42 indoor echo, 08:45 muffled outdoor gunshots (floor up), 08:53 these are transforming also at 08:55 same gunshot sounds different

Of course these sounds are balanced for typical mainstream game but think about what possibilites could have ArmA 3 with such engine tailored to its needs.

Advanced Combat Sound Environment. Of course it doesn't sound as expensive as BF4 system, which anyway have more samples - but isn't this mod just briliant?! It is working idea, it shows that it indeed is possible within the engine and with more powerful sound engine A3 posses it would sound absolutely stunning. I believe that A3 devs can come up with something like this:

yep, we got enough mods, which have working distant and reverb filtering working, why not ask permission by modders, to use their work? Can't see why the modders would not allow BIS to use their work...

ACSE dev said that he have plans to move his work onto A3. There is nothing really confirmed in here, it is not an easy tasks to implement such system on ArmA engine with such limitations. I believe that A3 sound engine just got some enhancements and nothing really worked out much, anyway it would be nice move towards sound-modders to implement some better audio - system for effects like reverbering and echoing.

speed of sound, has already working in door reverbs, even different room sizes have different reverb. So BIS, even 1 single scripter, from community has made it to work, why can't you?

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 2:34 PM


But I hope reverb isn't overdone like some of these sound mods.

here's two very quick and easy examples of distance filtering and indoor sounds...

ARMA 3 gun sample distance sound test

ARMA 3 SOUND TEST Indoor Environment...

Sounds really good man! Does it work also for rain?
I've been thinking loud before release about this feature, nice to see it coming to life.

Yes it does remove the sound of the rain but you can still look out and see it through the windows.
It makes you feel nice and safe :-)

It also removes all the visible insects that pass through walls and fill the buildings up with swarms of butterflies, bees, crickets... etc

I'm just puzzled as to why a normal bloke like me can achieve this but BIS can't or won't :-z