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[resolved] Items disappear during inventory operations
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An item (let's call it item 1) mounted on a weapon will disappear when the player switches it via drag and drop with a smaller item (item 2) and there is no room for item 1 in the container (uniform/vest/backpack) where item 2 was dragged and dropped from.

This is due to the different volume items occupy in containers:
An ACO is 1/2 the size of an ARCO/RCO and 1/5th the size of a SOS (1:2:5).
Since there is no room for item 1 it's deleted.

I have only tested this with the sight attachments, I assume other attachments behave similarly.

Inventory operations that would result in a container overflowing should not be possible. Items should drop to the ground, the operation should be canceled or the game should perform a check if there is room in a different container and place the item there.

Tested with the latest DEV build. 0.61.106195


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Equip a unit with a weapon that has an ARCO, RCO or SOS attachment.
  • Put an ACO in the uniform.
  • Fill up the uniform with other items. (a ghillie suit can store 2 FAKs and one ACO)
  • Drag and drop the ACO from the uniform to the weapons sight attachment slot.
  • ACO is mounted on the weapon but the ARCO/RCO/SOS disappears. "Tatta! It's gone!"
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We had the same thing happen on our server on friday.

I can confirm this, and I first noticed it while playing through the infantry showcase. The downed man has an RCO scope on his weapon which would be useful to the player. The weapon must first be taken before the scope can be removed. This action also fills the players inventory with bulky ammunition, so the scope will disappear if an attempt to drag the scope to the players "full" inventory.

I have opened a ticket #0009368 which is related to this asking for linked weapons to be treated as sub containers which would also alleviate this problem.

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happened to me too many times.

To expand on the reproduction steps, the following observations can be made.

Dragging any item from the players inventory to an already full container [corpse, disabled soldier, crate, vehicle etc] and release. The item is not placed in the container, nor does it return to the players inventory. In previous series the item would be dropped outside of the container. Result, item is lost.

Dragging an item from one slot to another full slot within the players inventory will highlight red, but releasing the item does not return it to the original slot. Result, item is lost.

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Good catch, needless to say this happens in MP and SP.

going to take a look...

FIXED.. but I'm not sure when we will release this fix (it depends on QA test process)

SVN. 106915

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I guess this ticket can be marked as resolved, I haven't encountered this bug in a while.

@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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