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Rangefinder doesn't give range when pointed on a certain building
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When you're on the path at GPS coordinates 046058 and you point the radar dome of Air Station Mike-26 (the big spherical building, covered with "bee cells")dist ~1400m - Azt 188), the rangefinder binocular doesn't give any range. You must point the ground to have a range number. I followed the path East then South to reach the three antennas at 052050, and try to have a range at different points on the path, without success. Close to the antennas (upper left corner of 053051 square), there was not yet distance reading (Azt 217). The first successfull range reading was just near the antennas. I followed the path West too, from start coordinates 046058 to 040057, rangefinder doesn't give more range reading. I didn't try farther because the dome is quickly hidden by the hills. I found another place where the radar dome of Air Station Mike-26 is "invisible" for the rangefinder binocular : in the lighthouse (2550m Azt 240). I didn't find another building "invisible" for the rangefinder, only those radar dome. By the way, congrats ! The rangefinder is impressively accurate with the antennas : it gives range only when girders are aimed, and only grinders.


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play with a sniper (sniper or spotter, Blufor or Opfor), place the sniper on the path (at 046058), North to the radar dome Air Station Mike-26 and look at it with rangefinder.

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You'll find that this applies to all objects beyond 1500m. I don't know if this is intended or a bug, but I would like to see the max range extended to at least 2000m.

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