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No local AI Firing anims and visuals not seen after AI reload having used their 1st magazine
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There is a localisation issue in an MP environment where AI that are not local to you are no longer seen or heard to fire their weapon after they have emptied their first magazine and reloaded

Weapon firing becomes silent
Muzzle flashes are no longer seen

Reloading animation however is seen


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a mission containing 1 or more enemy AI.
Run the mission on a dedicated server and connect to it as a client

Run the following code on your player character for 2 reasons

Stops you from getting killed
Allows you to see when you have been hit


  Txu_HitCounter = 0;

  Player addeventhandler 	["HandleDamage",{}];
  Player addMPEventHandler ["mphit", {Txu_HitCounter = Txu_HitCounter + 1; player sidechat  format ["  >>> %1 Hit",name (_this select 0), Txu_HitCounter];}];

Walk towards the AI, once the individual AI has emptied its first magazine and reloaded you will no longer

  1. see Muzzle flashes
  2. hear Firing sounds

You will however see them reload and you will continue to take hits.

It is more visually obvious when running the mission at night

Additional Information

I do not know if this is prevalent in previous versions or the stable

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I dont think this relates to Localization

I think he meant local/distant regarding the unit in MP :-)

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By localisation. I mean if the AI are not local to you, e.g serverside A.I

This does not occur if they are local

Localization is about language/translation Terox. This is a MP engine issues.

oukej added a comment.Sep 9 2015, 5:26 PM

No longer reproducible