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Sniper/Long-Range Scoped Weapons Realism Tweaks for Improved Balancing
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I am again disappointed that snipers and other long-range scoped weapons are so easy to use. They are not realistically balanced vs. non-scoped rifles and other weapons. In real life, only a small number of soldiers are sharpshooters--because snipers and other long-range weapons are difficult to use. However, if someone takes the time to learn them, they can have a devastating effect.

Here are a few things I think should be improved for realism.

  1. Bipods should be included on all snipers, and should be deployable. A sniper without a deployed bipod should be very very hard to aim at long-range and should sway considerably. The use of a bipod by the player would add greater stability, but would increase set-up time and minimize the aim radius. This is natural, realistic balancing.
  1. When standing or even crouching, long-range shots should be virtually impossible. Sniper rifles are usually bulky, heavy weapons and cannot be aimed accurately without ground deployment. This would naturally balance these weapons vs. regular rifles in the average firefight.
  1. Weapon recoil should be much higher than it currently is. If bipods could be deployed, this might mitigate this problem to an extent. See this video for a demonstration.
  1. Wind Calculation for all weapons. I know that most people don't like this idea, but I think it would add a lot to the game--the current weather and windspeed/direction should effect bullets. This is one of the things that makes snipers in real life so good at their job--they have learned how to calculation in their heads the trajectory of a bullet. It also makes it so players would need to practice and build up experience to use these weapons effectively.


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Best would be to have wind indicator similar to stance so snipers could counter it.
Winding they should affect standard non sniping weapons at longer distances aswell.

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Maybe have a wind speed and direction indicator built into the rangefinder.

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