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Ragdoll physics bug in Bunker(small)
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Any units standing in the "Bunker(small)" will hang from the ceiling by their head when killed. {F19805}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

● Load up the editor.
● Place a playable unit.
● Place a Bunker(Small).
● Place any soldier inside the bunker.
● Click preview.
● Kill Soldier inside the bunker.

Additional Information

I have uploaded a video of this in action:

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The heads of standing humans clip through the roof of the bunker. When ragdoll starts after death, the clipping prevents the bodies from falling.

Attached image shows dead civilian caught in pose by headclipping. (White hot TI used for clarity)

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Was about to make same report.

Confirmed for Arma 3 Beta v0.70.106.872
In this mission go to green factions hmg car and head shoot the range master in the bunker to experience this issue.

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This is like something out of a horror movie.

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This is still not fixed in 0.75.108717

Also affects Bunker (Tower).

This should be fixed some time ago. Please reopen and add info if still bugged.

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