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Infinite crouch sprint with pistol
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This is not fixed

Player is able to move at sprint speed indefinitely while crouching by equipping a pistol and lowering the weapon.

The player suffers no fatigue while doing this, and as far as I can tell, is completely silent. No footsteps, no heavy breathing.



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Steps To Reproduce

The order of these steps does not actually matter. All that matters is that the player is crouched, with a pistol equipped and lowered.

Equip any pistol
Press X to crouch
Double tap CTRL to lower weapon
Press W to move forward

Additional Information

Pressing SHIFT to enable/toggle sprint is not actually required, and will prevent reproduction of bug.

Ensure that player is not in "Tactical Pace" mode (default keybind C), as this will prevent reproduction of bug.

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The player is fatigued while moving in this manner, at +0.0153 fatigue per second. This is the same rate as standing sprinting with the pistol readied (should probably be higher)

(dev build 0.61.106546)

There is no fatigued when you move like that also no footsteps sounds. I ran 5km and nothing. (0.61.106546)

Ah sorry, I was sprinting, not jogging.

You are correct, jogging in this manner does not create any fatigue (player recovers at -0.0350, same as keeping still while crouching).

Speed is 17.3 km/h (compared to 15.6 for jogging while standing upright, and 21 for sprinting upright)

Fixed in 0.73.107829

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